Christmas: The Aftermath

Christmas is usually a holiday season that brings joy and laughter to one and all. But this year, the only thing it did was put a big dent in my wallet. The weather didn’t quite put me in the mood for Christmas and I never got that Christmas feeling. The holiday spirit didn’t affect this year but I guess that’s no one else’s fault but my own.

I think that global warming has made a big impact on Christmas this year. We had a green Christmas with nothing but rain and slippery roads. The big snow storm down in Denver, Colorado was supposed to head in this direction but because of the warm weather, all that snow turned into rain. I would prefer that it snowed in the winter rather than rain. I find that it’s warmer when it’s snowing. There are days when the temperature is really low but when I stepped outside, it felt like it’s spring time in winter. The temperature was warm enough to make it seem like Christmas in June.

Canadian winters are always harsh but this year it was nothing. It barely got colder enough to see your breath. Usually, the winters are so cold that my nose hurt when I breathe in. Heck, sometimes, my nose hair would freeze but I didn’t have to worry about that this early.

What I am going to worry about is my high credit card bill. I had initially started out with a Christmas budget but I somehow managed to blow that limit out of the waters. This Christmas is nothing like last year’s. Last year, I spent about $600 on presents for everyone. This year, I think I spent three times as much. I kept all the receipts so I can keep track of everything. After adding everything up, the damaged cause by this year’s Christmas shopping came out to just over eighteen hundred dollars.

Some of the presents that I bought were supposed to be split three ways between my brothers and I but they haven’t hand over the money set so I have to bare responsibility for it. Most of the time it’s like it’s that. I cover everything up front and wait for them to pay me back. In the end, I end up just paying for everything on my own. The items are as follows:

Telus $232.29
Sears $398.99
Aldo $140.20
Toys R’ Us $157.57
Laura Secord $38.76
Coles $200.93
Tip Top Tailors $102.59
Electronic Boutique $50.00
Bombay $44.46
Coles $153.71
Bluenotes $47.60
Old Navy $153.22
Roots $93.96
Hallmark $44.22
Tim Horton’s $20.00
Sub Total $1,878.72
Charity ($10.00)
Brothers ($80.00)
Personal ($452.71)
Total $1,336.01

As you can see, I’ve spend a lot more than what I make in a month. I checked my bank account the other day and saw that I was in the negative. That’s not a good sign because I don’t have the overdraft option connected to my account. So once the bank open up for business again, I’ll be changed $25 for a Non Sufficient Fund fee, the stupidest fee there is. The bank takes money from you because you don’t have enough money. Does that make sense to you?

The pay cheques that I’ll be getting in the month of January will all be going towards this high credit card bill. Next year, everyone is just going to get a card and a box of chocolates.