Love @ First Note

A while ago, my friend sent a link to YouTube to a Chinese song. I listen to just about anything that sounds good. I listened to the song that he sent me and I thought it was alright but since I didn’t understand most of it, it did nothing for me. After I watched that music video, there was a list of other videos as well. The first one that I saw was “Kong” by Justin Lo.

I don’t quite understand all the words in the song either but I can tell it was sung in Cantonese so there were some words that I knew already. The title of the song gives you a hint of what it’s about. Basically, it’s a love song. The song is about the love that the guy has for a girl who he has lost. It’s pretty much a tale of the one that got away.

This is the type of song that I’m into. A song where it starts off slow, has a high point in the middle and ends the same way it started. These type of songs has feeling in it and you can tell that the writer put their whole heart into putting their emotions into words.

I later found out that this song was in a movie, “Love @ First Note” starring Justin Lo (Ah Kei), Alex Fong (Tony) and Kary Ng (Kristy). I came across that movie on YouTube as well. The video that I watched didn’t come with any subtitles so I thought I was going to have a bit of a hard time understanding it. But surprisingly enough, the first part of the movie was rather easy to understand. I didn’t understand every single word they said but I managed to pick up bits and pieces of the conversation.

Love @ First Note

The movie is about a love triangle that forms between band members. Ah Kei and Kristy are childhood friends. Ah Kei is secretly in love with Kristy. Apparently, he dropped out of high school and is currently helping his mom with her business. He writes songs for a band to make some extra money. I think in those songs, he writes down his feels for Kristy but she doesn’t know it’s from him because another band is performing the songs.

Kristy works at a record store. Her dad that doesn’t work and seems to be drunk throughout most of the movie. When the dad is drunk, he likes to speak English, so I understood most of his dialogs. Kristy became interested in Tony when he appears at the record store.

Tony is a rich guy who is into music. He visits the sound studio often to make his demo tapes in hopes that he will be come a member of a band. His attempts to join the band fail so he forms a new band with Ah Kei and Kristy.

The love triangle that goes on isn’t really a big one. At least, I didn’t notice that much since I didn’t understand the full dialog. But it doesn’t seem apparent until the end that there’s a love triangle at all. There didn’t seem like much of a plot either. There were a few scenes in the movie that weren’t explained so it just left me hanging. The soundtrack of the movie is pretty good though. It consisted of songs from Justin Lo, Kary Ng and Alex Fong.

There was this strange thing that I noticed though. There’s this one girl that seems to pop up every now and then. I’m not sure if she’s part of the plot or anything but she shows up in certain parts of the movie. I saw her at the beginning then somewhere in the middle and again at the end of the movie. You don’t see her for that long and she doesn’t say much until the end.

If I was to rate this movie, I’d give it one thumbs up and the other one, maybe a quarter of the way up. Maybe if I understand what they were saying, I might like it more but until there’s a subtitled version, I’ll never know.