Christmas present

This year, I’ll be home for Christmas. Well, I’m usually at home for Christmas every year but this year it’s a bit different. I’m scheduled to work the shift on the night of Christmas Eve. By the time I finish my shift, it will be Christmas Day. I’m hoping to make it home in time for Christmas morning.

I have most of the Christmas present that I bought all wrapped up except for one, the present that I bought for my dad. Before I can wrap it up, I need to activate the phone but I can’t activate the new phone until later tonight in case he needs to use his phone some time tonight. After activation has be made, I need to test to make sure the phone is in working order. I don’t want him to open up the present to find out that the phone isn’t working.

Making sure all of that is done is a bit time consuming but it’s time that I don’t have. I have to be at work by 11:00pm tonight but I can’t bring the phone with me to test out at work because I need it here and placed under the tree by morning. But I can’t put it under the tree until I know for sure it’s working.

As for my mom’s present, I almost didn’t get it. I waited as long as possible to pick it up because I didn’t have any place to hide it. I didn’t know about any pre-ordering options either. When I got to Sears, the customer service was terrible. I had to wait five minutes before the sales rep would stop talking to her coworker and help me. If it wasn’t for this old lady, I would have waited even longer.

No customer should have to wait for help. That’s bad customer service right there. Especially if the customer has the patients to stand around right beside you for five minutes while you talk about your boyfriend with a coworker.

This sales rep didn’t seem like she new what she was talking about. She was chewing gum and playing with her hair the whole time she was talking to me. And when I asked her some questions, she game me the wrong answers. I asked if there was any more of that particular item in stock. She said that she doubted there would be any but she checked the computers anyway.

After five minutes or so, she came back to inform me that their inventory was out. I asked if any other store might have some and she said no. The only place that would have it is the warehouse and in order to get it from the warehouse I would have to place an order. If I placed the order, I wouldn’t get it until the 29th. That wasn’t what I wanted to here since it was this close to Christmas.

Since I didn’t think she was such a good sales rep, I didn’t want to believe her. I headed down to the Sears at the Centre Mall and asked the sales rep there. He was an older gentleman who looked like he knew what he was talking about. According to the sales rep at the Sears in Limeridge, this store shouldn’t have any in stock but according to their computers, they had two in stock. I took it right away.

The girl sales rep said that the item wouldn’t fit in my car. She recommended that I get a van or an SUV. But after looking at the machine, I doubted that she knew what she was talking about their either. The whole machine wasn’t that big so when you take it apart, it should fit inside my car.

When I went to the pick up station to get the item, I asked them if it would fit in my car. The guy that worked there didn’t know but he said he’d go get it and test it out. Sure enough, there was plenty of room in the back of my car. I had to tilt the passenger side seat down to hold the box in place otherwise, the whole thing would be moving around and hitting stuff as I stop for a red light.

With the last present bought, I’m glad that I managed to get everything done on time. I’ve never ran around as much as I did this holiday season. I’m guessing that next year will be just the same. But Christmas isn’t all about the presents. Someone that I’ve recent met doesn’t do the gift exchanging thing. I think that would be a lot better than having to run around getting things for people.

The most important thing about Christmas isn’t in receiving gifts. It’s the fact that you get to spend time with your family. It’s something that you do anyway but it’s feels different around this time of year. A lot of the holidays are about things that we should be doing everyday. I think the only days that should be any special are the days that mark some sort of milestone, like your birthday or an anniversary. The other days seems as if they were over exaggerated by the business world.

Valentine’s Day is a day where you should your special someone how much you love them but you can do that everyday anyway. Halloween is just a day where people get to dress up and go out and have fun. The kids go out and ask for candies while the older crowd goes out and party. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day aren’t needed as well. You should be respecting your elders everyday as well.

Christmas has become too commercialized. Christmas items are set up on the shelves as soon as Halloween is over. Sometimes, Christmas items are already on the shelves before Halloween. Businesses bring in a lot of income around this time of year. They slash prices to attract their customers. They remain open a bit later and overwork their employees. If anything, this should be a slow period for businesses since everyone should be home for the holidays. Christmas is just one day but look at the amount of time it takes to prepare for it.