Jingle all the way

Christmas has always been for the kids. Growing up, I’m sure that everyone had a favourite Christmas song. I think all of the Christmas songs are great. When I was younger, I loved singing all of them. But then once I hit puberty, I couldn’t hit those high notes anymore.

My favourite Christmas song has to be Jingle Bell Rock. The first time I heard this song was back in grade three. At the time, I was attending Robert Land elementary school. That school has been closed down and has been turned into a community center. I was transfer from Sanford Avenue school to Robert Land because of the district that I was living it. Robert Land was apparently closer for me than Sanford Avenue school. To me, it feel like both schools were the same distance away.

Jingle Bell Rock is my favourite Christmas song because my grade three class had to put on a little show for the school. My teacher had us doing a lot of things for the school. I don’t recall any other class being put in the spotlight as often as we were.

For the Christmas assembly, my teacher choreographed a little dance for Jingle Bell Rock. Every day for a couple of weeks, we would be in the gym practicing our dance routine. I don’t remember how the dance thought. I do remember being in line and holding on to some tinsels. As the music started, we would start flinging the tinsel around and everything. Then at the part where the song goes, “Giddy up jingle horse, pick up your feet,” the class would be doing the can-can.

The dance was great and I got a good feeling from performing it. But you won’t find me doing that sort of thing now. I get a little stage fright when I’m up in front of a lot of people. I have no problem with speaking in front of a small group but to perform to an audience of more than fifty people or so, I would be really nervous. I haven’t gotten over the stage fright of that magnitude.

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  1. Lol nice video. Wasted like a good two minutes staring at the same thing over and over again (though it was a cool pattern)…

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