Play for a buck

Just when I thought that kindness in this world was starting to fade, a fellow Cambodian has reassured me that there are still kind hearted people in this world. He plans on selling his PlayStation 3 for a very low price. He’s doing this in order to raise Christmas spirit. With less than a week to go, he’s doing a pretty good job so far.

On Ouchs is a 23 year old who lives out west in Vernon, British Columbia. When I first saw his name on John Chow’s blog, I had a feeling that he is the same nationality as I am. When I viewed the video, it only confirmed it.

On initially purchased the PS3 for USD$1500 back when it was released. Since then, he has not played with the system yet. I think he’s only opened it to ensure that the content contains the system. He was going to sell the console for $1,000,000 and donate 90% of it to charity but there were others that were doing that already and On wanted to be unique and he wants to make history.

On plans on selling his PS3 on eBay for $1. That’s right, a buy it now price of $1. But not everyone will be able to bid on the auction. The only people who are qualified to bid are people on Santa’s good list. You have to head on over to On’s site and write to Santa explaining why you should be on his good list.

Some time before Christmas Day, On will put the auction on eBay and the first person to bid will win the PS3 for a buck. On even plans to deliver the PS3 himself to ensure that it arrives in time for Christmas.

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