Too much running around

It won’t be long before I can stop going to the mall everyday. I haven’t visited the mall this much since my high school days. These days, I visit the mall maybe once a month and usually the shopping that I do isn’t even for me. I have one more gift to buy and I’m done.

Yesterday was a very long day for me. Like any other Friday, I don’t sleep because I have errands to run. I think I managed to get thirty minutes of sleep this whole day. It’s hard to get caught up with errands when you work the night shift. By the time I get home, nothing is opened yet. And by the time I wake up, the places I need to go to have already closed for the day.

The errands include renewing my health card, my driver’s licence and finishing up the paper work for the business account. I didn’t think it would take that long to finish all three errands but I wasn’t expecting the amount of waiting time I had to do once I arrived at the corresponding buildings.

My first stop was to the FirstOntario Credit Union to fill up some paper work for the Project One bank account. When I arrived there, I saw that the strike was still on but there weren’t as many people there as before. I only saw maybe four people this time and they weren’t on much of a strike. They were just standing around on the grass.

When I entered the bank, I was greeted by the lady that helped us with the account application. She apologized for not contacting us to inform us that we had been approved. I had already taken the step to call the bank to inquire about the application so I knew that we were approved already. If we weren’t, I wouldn’t have gone there that day.

There wasn’t a lot of paper work left to do. I just had to sign a few sheets of paper, order our cheques and pick up a deposit book. The cheque book that I wanted to order could have been ordered that day but they needed input from the rest of the guys. But I’m not sure when the rest of the guys will have time for that. Alvin has school to finish up. Gus already left for Texas. Ehab works full time at Mac. Everyone is busy around this time of year so the cheque ordering will have to wait until the new year.

I deposited the first cheque we received and got that out of the way. The bank has this policy to withdraw $25 for a membership fee. That $25 goes towards our share in the bank’s stock. It will sit there and start earning interest. But we get it back when we close the account. I don’t see us closing the account any time soon.

In order for us to withdraw the funds from the account, we had to write ourselves a cheque. But for that cheque to be valid, it requires two signatures. So, if I wanted to write myself a cheque for the full deposit, I would need the signature of two of the other partners. Most business accounts does this and since we’re a partnership, it would only make sense to have it done that way as well. I forgot to inquire about any sort of debit card but since it’s a joint account, it might be best to stick with cheques.

After finishing up with the account, I headed downtown to get my health card renewed. I would have gotten my driver’s license renewed first but I thought I had to go to the other side of town to have that done. When I called for a location, I found out that it was up the mountain by the bank.

The line for the health card was rather long. There was a posting on the wall that tells you about the amount of waiting time to expecting during each hour of the day. Anyone who’s looking to renew their health card should visit the office between the hours of 9:00am and 11:00pm. Those are the hours where the office isn’t that busy. I just happened to arrive during one of the busy hours of the day.

I arrived in the office around noon and there was already a line up. I didn’t want to have to wait but I didn’t want to have to come back some other day either. The waiting time wasn’t too bad though, maybe five minutes. The lady who greeted everyone told me that I needed three pieces of identification in order to renew my health card. I don’t know why they don’t just ask for the old health card. The government makes things so complicating.

In order to get your health card, you need something with your address, your birth certificate and something that proves that you’re a citizen. I don’t know why they need something with your address on it since they did send me the renewal notice. So anyone going there to renew their health card already has a valid address. But the strange thing about your health card is that you can’t use it as a valid piece of identification. In order to open a bank account, you need identification but they don’t accept a health card as one of them.

After that, I headed back up the mountain to renew my driver’s license. Again, the area where I needed to get that done was under construction. I don’t know why they decided to start road construction during this time of year. There’s a lot of construction going on around town. I guess that due to the mild than usual weather we’ve been getting, they might as well get things out of the way.

When I arrived at the office, I filled out the postcard that they sent me. There were just a couple of check boxes at the back of the postcard but I don’t think I had to fill them out because the lady at the counter didn’t even bother to look at it. Unlike the health card place, the only ID that she asked for was my driver’s license. That procedure makes a lot more sense than asking for all three identifications again.

In order to get both of the cards renew, they had to take my picture. Much like everyone else’s picture, mine’s probably going to turn out like a mug shot. My current driver’s license looks like a mug shot. The same goes with my current health care. I had both of them renewed on the same day a few years ago.

After all the running around, I was exhausted. It was hard to even keep my eyes open. I felt like I was going to pass out. When I got home, I was only able to sit around for a while before having to go pick up my brother from work. After I brought him home, I passed out on my bed. But I didn’t get to sleep long before my friend called me up. We were supposed to hit the mall and do some Christmas shopping but I expected him to be at my house around 4:00pm. When he didn’t show up, I thought he went straight home. But since he was calling from outside my house, I decided to head to the mall with him.

I stopped by Bubble Tease, as usual but they were rather busy that night. My friend and I looked like a couple of geeks just standing around doing nothing. Well, maybe only I did since I was standing by the counter looking like I was waiting for an order.

After walking around the mall for a couple of hours, I left empty handed. I did find the present that I plan on getting for my mom though. It’s just a matter of finding a car that I can put it in. It’s the biggest present of them all and it’s not going to fit in my car. I’m going to have to steal my dad’s van one day to go pick it up. And then I have to hide it somewhere and I don’t think my closet has any more room. There’s no way it’ll fit under my bed either.

This Christmas, I’ve gone all out and bought way too much. I’ve kept all my receipts to get an idea of how much I’ve gone overboard. I wasn’t expecting to spend this much but I guess I couldn’t help it. I’m always an impulse buyer when it comes to shopping for others. When I shop for myself, I’m never quick to decide on anything. I’ll wait a couple months if I have to before making a final decision.

After all this running around, I thought I’ll be finished with everything shortly. But then I remembered that I still have to distribute and mail out Christmas cards. This Christmas feels more like work than anything else. Next year, I’m just going to buy everyone gift cards and they can pick out their presents. I’m too exhausted to be doing all this running around.