A little something for me

After all the running around and searching for presents, I thought I’d be about done with the shopping. I’m not done yet just but I’m getting there. I thought that I had one more gift to buy but then other dates started popping into my head.

I made a visit to Coles to see if they had the book that I was looking for. I’ve been trying to get a hard cover copy of Theatre of the Mind by Jay Ingram but none of the stores had it in stock. The only place that I found it available was online. Coles was have a sales on where you buy three books and get the forth one free. Mind you, it’s doesn’t work exactly like the sale says. You get the cheapest of the four books for free.


I picked up Ingram’s book, Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille, Secrets of the Vinyl Cafe by Stuart McLean and Book of Fate by Brad Meltzer along with a gift card for some friends. These books have been on my wish list on Amazon.ca, which by the way has been erased for some odd reason. I had about five or six book titles saved on there but it looks like something happened and data was lose. Anyway, since this sale was going on, I decided to pick them up now.

The new addition of books only adds to my collection of unread books. At the moment, I have eleven books that I need to finish reading. I don’t know why I keep buying books before finishing the previous one. I think these books will keep me busy for months.

When I got to the checkout desk, the worker on the cash asked if I had a membership card. I had one but I wasn’t sure if it was still good because on the website, it said that the card expired this month. It didn’t give a specific date so it could have already been expired. He informed me that with the club card, I would be saving even more if I used the club card on top of the sale.

The club card gave me discounts on the book plus there were coupons in one of their flyers that gave me $5 off each book. I would already be saving 10% off each book and another $5 by using the coupon. One of the books was a best seller so I received an additional 30% off that book.

Since my club card was going to expire he asked if I wanted to renew it today. I would save $10 if I renewed it in store rather than online. I was going to renew it online but if I’m saving money by doing it in store, I might as well.

I ended up saving $50.68 after everything was added up and taxed. That included the books, the gift card and the club card renewal. So basically, by making my purchase and renewing my card at the store, I ended up getting a free gift card. Or something close to the value of the gift card anyway.

Before leaving, the guy at the checkout desk asked me how many people these books were presents for. I had to tell him zero because they were for myself. The gift card was the present for the other person. These books were a present to me from myself.

After I was done at the book store, I headed on over to the library to stop of the Christmas card. Two of the guards were at the front desk while the other two were out and about. When they opened the card, they saw the $5 gift certificate and thought that it won’t last too long. Then that three other gift certificates slid out and surprised them.

Even though I’m not part of the security team any more, it still feels like I work with them. I pass through the library often enough to seem like I’m back to work there. Every time anyone sees me there, they keep asking if I’m back to work. I tell them that I’m already working there but under cover.

I didn’t stay at the library long because my parking was going to expire. When I exited the parking lot, I saw that I had about five minutes remaining. If it had expired, I would have had to pay an additional $1.25. Jackson Square is the only mall in town that doesn’t have free parking. It’s in the downtown core and should be the one that provides the most free parking. It’s no wonder there’s no business flow in the area.

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