I’m a Toys R’ Us kid

The countdown to Christmas continues as I run around frantically looking for presents. I’m slowly getting tired of running around every Friday because I haven’t slept yet but I can sleep later. First things first and that’s to get the Christmas shopping out of the way. After that, I can sleep all I want.

Next on the list was my little brother. He’s the youngest of the boys and he gets spoiled a lot. He’s turning 11 on the 11th. I guess that’s some kind of milestone if his age matches the day that he was born on. I didn’t want to have to buy him a present for his birthday since he’ll be getting something on Christmas but I couldn’t help it. His birthday and Christmas are two separate days and they’re pretty far apart. I had to get him something.

I saw an advertisement on the Toys R’ Us website for Robosapien. It was on sale from $99.99 to $29.99. That looked like a really good deal but then I realized that the price was in US dollars and not in Canadian. Nonetheless, I went to Toys R’ Us and checked it out.

When I got there, the store was packed. There were little kids running around everywhere. There was this one kid that was trying to explain to his mom what the toy was but his mom was on the phone with someone else. Maybe it was the dad who was probably in some other area of the store. It’s a good thing that the kid caught my attention because Robosapien was right there.


This toy was huge. I saw it once before when it first came out but I didn’t remember it being this big. I think it’s taller than 12″ and probably weighs a ton. It came with a remote control and allows you to move the robot around and control his motor functions. When it first came out, I think it was selling for $500 but now it’s cheaper. It wasn’t $29.99 like the website stated. This thing was $149.99, on sale from $199.99.

There was a small version for $14.99 but you couldn’t control what it does. And there was a mini set for $29.99 which included Roboraptor and Robopet. The dinosaur and the dog are the same as the small version of Robosapien. It just moves around on its own doing whatever it was programmed to do. It’s a good price but my brother wouldn’t be playing around with it much.

I walked around to see if I can find him something else. I got to the Lego department and found something that he might be interested in. Well, I was interested it in anyway so I’m sure he would be too. All of the boys in our family likes to build stuff. I think we get that from our dad.

That little kid, that was explaining stuff to his mom, was holding a Bionicle. Bionicles are characters that Lego created for its Lego Technic line. The characters are based on Polynesian mythology. I saw one of their movies, it was pretty cool.


I looked around the Lego department to see if I could find something that my little brother would like. I found this bad boy. His name is Brutaka. That’s all I know about him. Judging by his colour, I’m assuming that he’s the bad guy. The name hints on that characteristic as well. I plan on giving this to my brother on his birthday. And for Christmas, I’ll give him the other half.


This is Axonn. He’s supposed to combine with Brutaka to become an even large character. This new combined form is supposed to be twice the size of Axonn and Brutaka. There’s a picture of the combined form on the box and it looks pretty cool. I plan on giving this guy to my brother on Christmas. Then he can combine the two. Each character comes with 200 pieces or so. My brother’s pretty good with building stuff so I think he’ll be fine with putting it together. The problem is to make the toy last.

Most of his toys don’t last longer than a week. I made him a bet before that the toy that he bough wouldn’t last more than a week. I won and now he owes me $5 but he never pays up. I pick on him every time but he just says, “If you pick on me some more, I don’t owe you $5 anymore.” I tease him because he actually owes me $60 because he tricked me into buy an Xbox game for him. It was supposed to be $19.99 because he had a game to trade it and that would have saved him $3 but it didn’t work out right so I ended up paying $50 for the game.

Optimus Prime

While I was at Toys R’ Us, I couldn’t help it but check out the Transformers section. There wasn’t anything new in that area since there hasn’t been any new series on TV. But I did find an Optimus Prime that I didn’t have. I couldn’t resist the urge to buy it. It came with a DVD that contained a movie about the battle between Optimus and Megatron.

I grabbed the toys and headed for the checkout line. Toys R’ Us has a weird checkout area. Cashier #1 and #2 are close to each other but beside it is Cashier #5 and #6 followed by Casher #9 and #10. The other numbers are located further down and nobody knows where the line for those cashier started. Some lady came up to ask if she could go in and use Cashier #3 and #4. As far as I knew, the line up for the cashiers started somewhere in the vicinity of where I was standing.

But as it turns out, it didn’t. Each cashier has a line up of its own. You just walk up to it and start a new line. The lady from Cashier #3 had to come out of her booth and signal to me that she was open. I wouldn’t have known that if she didn’t say anything.

While at the checkout, I bought some more gift cards for my friends and their kids. Their one kid, Dylan calls me Don all the time even though his parents tell him to call me “Uncle Don.” I told him that calling me Don is just fine. I get along well with this kid because he’s into the same thing I am. Transformers!

The lady at the cash asked if I wanted to donate to some charity. I didn’t get the name of it but I agreed that I would donate $5 to it. She gave me a card and I wrote my name on it.

After all this, I think I have two more gifts to look for and I’m done. I’m not working tomorrow so it looks like I might be able to finish it all before the weekend is over. Plus, I’ll have some extra cash since Project One will finally have a bank account. I could use a little extra cash around this time of year.