Move along people

Would somebody please tell me what is so interesting about traffic accidents? How many times do you need to see it before you get bored? I’ve seen enough accidents in my life time that I don’t need to see any more. If I wanted to see it, I would wait for the evening news and catch it there.

Today ended pretty badly for me. Mind you my day, like every other day, starts the day before today, which was yesterday. I’ve got more beef with security and their unwillingness to help me get to the 10th floor. I met up with two guards who were standing by the elevator waiting. As I was talking, one guard went around the corner and headed for the buzzer. The other stood there looking to see which floor the elevator was on. I asked him if he could let me up to the 10th floor. He told me to ask the other guard. When the other guard came around the corner I asked him. I didn’t get a single word out of my mouth when he walked by. He just kept walking and walked straight into the elevator. That bastard!

This was the same guy that said “Rarroloroorf” in the other blog entry. I think he needs to get himself a pair of hearing aids because I was standing right next to him when I started to talk. Instead of stopping for a second, he just brushes me off and gets into the elevator with the other guard. As the doors closed, I stood there and watched to see what floor they were heading to. The elevator stopped on the 2nd floor and stayed there. The stairs to the 2nd floor was just around the corner. How lazy can you be?

The night shift went by pretty smoothly. There were a few trouble tickets to look after but nothing too serious. Someone kept calling at three in the morning to activate their account. What are these people doing during the day that they can’t call then. Sometimes, I don’t even want to pick up the phone because all I end up doing is telling them to call back in the morning. I could activate the accounts for them there and then but I’m not supposed to.

Everything was quiet until 6:00am when a customer had an issue with calls to India. This customer sent me a message over MSN but I was busy with another customer so I couldn’t respond right away. After a minute or so I went to check up on the new messages. This guy sent me five nudges in a minute. It’s a good thing I disabled my nudges so I don’t hear or see it. That’ll show him.

Because of this customer, I couldn’t leave when my shift ended. He made the issue sound bigger than it was. Instead of just saying, “Calls are failing to India” he said that “calls are failing to all destinations.” All destinations to me means that it’s a world wide issue. I did what I could to help with the situation but my resources are limited. I couldn’t leave because this guy is one of the big customers so I had to wait around until the next shift got in. I knew something bad was going to home if I don’t leave by 7:00am.

The next shift didn’t arrive until 7:30am. I briefly updated him about what’s going on and the quickly ran to the elevators. I had a feeling that there was going to be a traffic jam since it’s getting pretty close to rush hour. When I got in the car, I tuned into the local radio station and found out that there was an accident on the eastbound 403 highway. I thought nothing of it since I’m heading westbound.

Westbound 403 @ Ford Drive

Traffic was slow enough that I had time to get my camera and take a picture. The accident on the eastbound 403 involved a tractor trailer that jack knifed into the cement dividers. Police were on scene to investigate the accident. They planned on leaving the left lane closed until later in the day.

When I was listening to the radio, they said that the eastbound 403 would be slow as well as the westbound 403. There were no accidents on the westbound 403 so there shouldn’t be any reason for a slow down. The reason why traffic was backed up for miles was because dumbass commuters wants to take a peek at what’s going on. This curiosity caused traffic to be backed up from Ford Drive up until Dorval.

I don’t understand why people don’t just keep driving. Haven’t they seen an accident before? I think seeing one or two is good enough. There’s no need to see any more. It’s not as if most drivers can see it anyway because of the cement block. The only lane that should have been slow is the left lane since it’s the closest. There’s no point in slowing down to see since all the cars in the left lane are going to block the view anyway.

As soon as I get to the end of the accident scene, it was smooth sailing. The traffic jam was gone and there were hardly any cars in front of me. When I looked in the rear view mirror, there were hardly any cars behind me either because they were still slowing down to get a glimpse of the accident. Don’t these drivers realize that whatever is happening at the scene will be on the evening news?

When I’m on the highway, I just want to get to where I’m going. I don’t care too much if there’s something going on between point A and point B. Everyone hates being in a traffic jam but when it comes to an accident, they want to know everything. I was fuming as soon as I heard that the westbound 403 was slow because people wanted to see the accident. During rush hour, there’s no time to stop a look at an accident. They probably get to see it for a couple seconds but by doing so, they’re backing up traffic for a couple of hours.