No cupcakes today

And so the Christmas shopping continues. I’ve managed to get three items out of the way which makes my shopping half way done. So far, I think I’m right on schedule.

I’ve been pretty lucky with getting a parking spot at the mall lately. It seems like every time I enter the parking lot, there’s someone just leaving. Luckily, there’s no one else waiting and signaling for that spot so I take it. During the holiday season, everyone tries to get the parking spot closest to the mall but not me. I just want to park my car somewhere close enough so I don’t have to walk too far. I don’t want to spend five minutes driving around looking for a parking spot. If the spot is about a couple minutes walk from the mall, I’ll take it.

My first stop, as usual, Tim Horton’s to get something to wake me up. Yes, I had just woke up at the time because I had to drive my brother to work. I needed something to help stay awake because I’ll be heading to work soon. Along with the coffee, I decided that I should get some gift certificates as well. I had enough for coffee but I wasn’t sure if I had enough for the gift certificates. There was an ATM at the entrance of the mall but it declined my transaction to withdraw money. I was pretty sure that I had at least $40 left in my bank account but this machine is stating that I didn’t.

Tim Horton's Gift certificates

I wanted to get a $20 gift certificate so it’ll be enough for everyone at the library security. I think there are ten guards so $20 is enough since they like to drink coffee so much. I had $20 on me and some change for coffee. I wasn’t sure if gift certificates are taxed or not. I would assume that it wouldn’t be taxed but you never know. Since Tim Horton’s doesn’t use the Interac system, cash was the only way I could pay for the gift certificates. I didn’t have any other choice since the ATM declined my previous attempt to withdraw funds.

My next stop was at Old Navy to grab something for my brother. I’ve already bought him a laptop for his birthday so he’s not getting anything expensive for Christmas. I looked around and found a sweater and a matching scarf for him and then went to the check out desk.

Old Navy Giftcard

While I was there, I’d figured I’ll get another gift card for a friend, his wife and his daughter. I know they’re struggling a little with their financial stuff but I didn’t want their daughter to miss out on Christmas. She’s still growing so she’ll need new clothes soon. The gift card that I picked out for them is a little trippy. When I saw it at the store, it looked cool. But as I’m look at it in my room, I think I had a mild seizure or something.

This season, I’m trying really hard not to put everything on my credit card. I don’t want to have to worry about the bill later in January. But at the moment, my bank account is low because I paid off too much of my bills this month. I decided to end my shopping for the day and continue when I get some more funds.

Before leaving, I stopped by Bubble Tease. I never leave Limeridge without passing by there. Tonight, there was no one lined up getting their bubble tea fix. It didn’t seem like anyone was working either. Not till I got by the cash did I see the worker. She’s the one that I correctly guessed her name in that dream. The first thing she said when she came out was that she didn’t have any cupcakes for me today. I just happened to be thinking about cupcakes too.

While I’m on the subject of cupcakes, the difference between a cupcake and a muffin is the frosting, right? Or does it have something to do with the size? I always thought that the difference between the two was that a cupcake had frosting on top while a muffin didn’t. I’m not a baker so I don’t know for sure.

So anyway, after getting what I needed to get today, I headed on home. If I stayed there any longer, I would have racked up a higher bill on my credit card. I want to avoid that by all means. Every year I end up charging everything on credit and then I dread it the next month. It’s nice that I’m getting reward points for each purchase but it’s not really worth it. I need to get me one of those cash back credit cards so I can start making my credit card work for me.

On a side note, I got a shout out from someone on YouTube. Her name is Natalie and she’s an Aussie. Her videos are mostly about “house keeping” as she likes to call them. But it’s not the house keeping that you might think. She doesn’t actually do any cleaning in her videos. I forgot why she called it that. Some of her videos are pretty funny too. I think the reason why I started watching her videos was because of her Aussie accent.

Community Channel shoutout

My name was shown twice but I don’t know why. I think she probably forgot that she already mentioned me and did it again. I think a few other people got mentioned twice as well but I wasn’t paying attention to them. I was just looking out for my name. There were other people’s name on there too but I took them out.

Community Channel

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  1. cupcakes are cup sized cakes. lol.. muffins are like.. less sweet and they’re not made of cake batter. um.. yah.. cupcakes are made from cake batter where muffins should be more nutritious and less of a dessert. Frosting usually comes only on cupcakes tho. BTW, why were you mentioned in that girls YouTube thing? lol..seems kinda weird

  2. Natalie likes to mention people, “subscribers” that watch her videos. She does that for all of her house keeping videos. Most of them find those videos boring but she does it anyway. It’s her way of showing her appreciation.

    She mentioned me because I’m such a cool guy.

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