Hi Don *wave*

After dropping off my brother at work, I decided that I should just head straight to the mall afterwards. I need all the time I can get to finish up my Christmas shopping. I’ve made up my list and I’ve checked it twice. I really don’t care who’s been naughty or nice.

Having just woken up five minutes before driving my brother to work, my first stop was to Tim Horton’s. I ordered the usual large double double. I know I’m supposed to cut down on coffee this year but it helps me stay warm and alert for a while. The effects of coffee doesn’t do much to me but it’s cold outside and I need something to warm me up, double quick.

While I was at Tim Horton’s I noticed their advertisement for their gift books. I was going to buy those for the guards at the library. It’s been a while since I bought them coffee. When I worked there, it was routine for me to grab coffee for everyone on duty during the Saturday shift. I was usually the last person to arrive on site so I would get coffee for everyone. If I didn’t, someone would have eventually offered to get coffee as soon as the library opened. So either way, we were getting coffee.

After grabbing coffee, I stopped by the Telus Mobility store. I wanted to get my dad a new cell phone for Christmas but I didn’t want him to lose his phone number. His current phone is under my name so I had access to the account. It’s on a contract but it’s a month to month contract so we’re not bound to stay with Telus. This gave me some flexibility because every business tries to retain their customers.

I wanted to get him the LG Chocolate but this phone was $399.99 if I was to buy it straight out. The price goes down if you sign up for a yearly contract, with it being $169.99 on a 3 year contract. On Telus’s website, it said that only new subscribers are eligible for the 3 year contract promotion. I didn’t see any reasons that prevented an existing customer from getting the deal as well.

I went into the store and looked around for a bit. A customer representative approached me and asked if I needed any help. It’s rare that someone comes up to me and helps me when I actually needed help. So I asked the guy about the LG phone and the promotion. He wasn’t sure if I was eligible or not so he called up Telus and inquired. They said some stuff and it sounded as if the person on the phone wanted him to tell me that I wasn’t eligible. Instead, he told me that I could get it for the promotion price but I would have to talk to Telus personally.

The person on the phone wasted ten minutes of this guy’s time just to tell him that I couldn’t get the phone for that price. But being a good Sales Rep, he knew that I could get it for the promotional price which is why he advised that I call and talk to Telus. He dialed Telus’s number and told me to ask them about the promotional price and everything.

I got on the phone with a representative and inquired about the LG Chocolate. I asked if it was possible to get it for the promotional price if I renewed my contract for another 3 years. The representative did some typing to see if she could authorize that and after a couple minutes of silence, she said that I could get it for $169.99.

As I was on the phone, I was looking out into the mall because I didn’t want to just stare at the Sales Rep. Basically, I was just staring into open. You know how you’re focused on the conversation on the phone that you stare at something but you’re not actually paying attention to it. Well, that’s what I did. I just happened to be staring at a girl that was passing by. I didn’t notice I was staring at her until she started waving.

She was looking at my direction and waving but I didn’t know her. I turned to see if maybe she was waving at the Sales Rep but he was busy talking to the other Sales Rep so I assumed she was waving at me. I gave her a quick smile and got back on the phone. People like to wave to me even though I don’t know who they are. There must be some guy that lives up the mountain that looks like me or something.

Anyway, I get off the phone with Telus and told the Sales Rep that they authorized it to allow me to buy the phone at the promotional price. I told him that the lady entered some info into my account to state that it was authorized.

Telus Giftbox

The phone came in a large tin box which will save me from having to find a box to put it in. All that I have to do is wrap it up and write my dad’s name on it. Don’t worry, I highly doubt my dad reads my blog so he won’t know about it. I think he knows about my site but there’s nothing on here that is of interest of me.

Telus Giftbox

These are the items that came in the box. Obviously, you would have the actual phone in there. At the moment, the isn’t working because I still have to activate it. My dad’s current phone is using his current number so in order to keep that phone active until Christmas, I had to buy this phone and swap the number back to the old phone. It cost $25 to have that done and then another $10 to swap it back to the new phone. I won’t be doing the swap until the 24th so I just have to make sure that everything is in working order.

The phone is made for music and a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones will help but I don’t know how much it would do since my dad doesn’t listen to music often, at least not on a media device. Since no one else in the house has any Bluetooth capable devices, I may be borrowing the earphones often. The one thing that will come in handy is the 1GB SD memory stick. He uses his memory stick all the time. Now he can carry in his phone since the memory that comes with the phone is a microSD form factor.

LG Chocolate phone

The memory stick will also come in handy because the phone has a 1.3mp camera. He’s been borrowing my camera every now and then ever since I bought it. Look, I’ve even put a picture of myself because I’m such a good son. This phone is jammed packed with so many features that I want to keep it for myself. It even comes with chocolate! It’s some kind of Belgian chocolate drink mix. I didn’t think they included an actual chocolate in the gift box as well. I might sneak that out of there before wrapping it up.

That’s another gift that I won’t have to worry about. My list still contains a few names that needs to be taken care of. My youngest brother’s birthday is coming up so he’ll be getting two gifts, that little runt. There’s just under three weeks left until Christmas but those three weeks are going to go by like nothing.

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  1. hahaha you’re so funny Don! You should’ve put a different picture on there! Like a family picture or something. Haha.. but I guess after getting this phone you will be the favourite son.. ^^;

  2. It’s supposed to be something my brothers and I are pitching in for, but the last time I proposed something like that, I ended up paying 100%. So until I get their share, I’m claiming credit… hehehe

  3. That sounds just like me. For my dads birthday/fathers day my brother and I agreed to go halfs on an IPod for my dad. I bought everything, wrapped it and when it came time to get money from my brother, he handed me $20. Geeze….

  4. heheh $20, nice guy. He must have thought you got an iPod shuffle off eBay or something… at least $20 is better than nothing.

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