Please keep the kitchen clean

Lately, the kitchen at my work place has been dirty because someone has doesn’t bother to watch their cups or dishes after they’re done. It’s not like it’s a hard task either. Once you’re done with your one cup, you just have to wash it quickly and sit it aside to dry. But for some people, it’s a lot harder to actually do it.

Around the kitchen, there have been notices requesting that the kitchen be clean. When people use the microwave, they are to make sure they cover their food before they heat it. I guess some people microwave things that get hot enough that it splashes. Whatever splashes out of their container, they don’t bother to clean. Maybe they don’t notice it or maybe it’s just a small splash that they think nothing of it.

The sink is usually the filthiest because there’s cups, plates, spoons, forks and knives just sitting there. I don’t use the utensils that are in the kitchen because I don’t know if they’re cleaned thoroughly or if they were just rinsed under water for a couple of seconds. Sometimes, I can still see some sort of stain on the spoon, like soap mildew or something. If I needed a spoon and I come across something like that in the kitchen, I avoid it completely. I would rather wash my hands and use my fingers. Or I can tape together a few stir sticks and use them as chop sticks. It depends on how desperately I am in need of a utensil.

The other day, I got to work and sat down at the computer. There was a note by the computer that said, “Please keep the kitchen clean!” I’ve never noticed her there before so it must be new. I did notice the same note on the kitchen door though. And right above the sink, there’s a note that says, “Please clean your own dishes after use.” There’s no way you can miss that note because it’s you’ll be staring right at it as you head to the sink.

Apparently, some people are taking that too literally. The note only said “dishes” so I guess cups are an exception to the rules. When I got into work the other day and walked into the kitchen, the sink was full of cups. Cups that could have been easily cleaned within a few seconds. I don’t want to have to clean my cup after I use it so I bring in Tim Horton’s coffee. Once I’m done with the cup, I can easily throw it into the recycling bin.

There was one week where the sink was packed with cups and plates. The next day, there was an email sent out thanking the person that took care of the dishes. I thought someone during the day got sick of seeing the dishes piling up and decided to do something about it. But nobody knew who this mystery person was.

Then during one night shift, I came into work and found the sink full again. I just left it alone and started working. The cleaner came in and did her job, collecting garbage and vacuuming and stuff. I talk to her every now and then to see how things are. After talking, she continues her usual route and stops in the kitchen before leaving. That’s when I heard the water running. I assumed that she was just grabbing some water to refill her cleaning supplies.

After she left, I checked the kitchen and found it spotless. All the dirty cups and plates in the sink were taken care of. I don’t think that washing the dishes was part of her duty, especially since she wasn’t the one that was using them. I asked her the next day if she washed the dishes and she replied that she did. She didn’t like to see dirty dishes lying around so she washed them. I told her about the email that someone sent about thanking the person who did the dishes. All this time, I thought it was someone in the office but it was the cleaner the whole time. I know she works long hours at the other job and then comes to this job so I try and help her out when I can. When she brings her cart around and goes collection the garbage, I just take the garbage by Tech Support and dump it onto the cart. If there are cups in the sink, I’ll have them washed before she gets there.

Sometimes the deeds of those people who work after hours go unnoticed. There aren’t too many people in the office to know what’s going on or who’s doing what. The job that the cleaners are doing can get pretty hard, with all the bending and lifting but they’re doing a good job at it. I help them out or show my appreciation when I can.

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  1. You said it Don!
    Ugh… All those dishes.

    I actually put those “Please keep the kitchen clean!” signs up because Mamoon called me at 2 in the morning saying that over the weekend, the sink gets filled with dishes. But that ain’t true- I worked Friday night, and there were already quite a few dishes in there.

    I don’t actually bring any dishes to work, but I clean dishes whenever I’m falling asleep late into the night; you know how it is 😛

  2. ahhh, so you put them up. You should have made them more eye catchy. The broom in the background doesn’t do it justice. hehehe…

  3. Next time I see dishes in the sink I’ll make a new sign — with colour (I’ll bring my own crayons too) 🙂

  4. Thanks for the signs Muneeb. They seem to be slightly improving the situation. I have only 1 mug and it remains at my desk at all time. 🙂

  5. I read a study once that showed the higher up in an organization a person was, the more likely they were to steal muffins from a communal-work-honour-system muffin basket(did I read that off this site?). I think it all comes down to the same thing; some people have a sense of entitlement. Your cleaning lady deserves recognition. Everyone deserves to get their heads out of there asses. (I live in rez… you learn very quickly about the dangers of damage done to kids who haven’t had to clean any of their crap up their entire lives).

  6. hehehe, I don’t think I’ve blogged about stealing muffins… yet. The one reason why I don’t want to move in with a room mate is because I don’t want to have to worry about cleaning up after them.

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