Extra sensory perception

Yet another day of sleeping for long hours. I have to stop doing that because I don’t think it’s healthy for me. Since I work nights, sleeping a lot can’t be helped. Lately, I’ve been feeling tired a lot. What better way to get rid of it than to sleep? So that’s what I did but I only expected to sleep for eight hours at a time not more.

Tonight, I woke up with a sore back and a missing sock. The odd thing about it was that I was dreaming about having a sore back. This was probably one of the weirdest dream ever because it incorporated what I was feeling in the physical world. The dream was rather long too and I remember most of it. Since I can recall most of the dream, that must mean that I’m not stressing myself out any more.

I can’t recall the dream in its entirety, but I can recall majority of it. In this dream, I was in some kind of game show but not like your average game show where you’re on a stage. This was more like Big Brothers only it was outside of somebody’s house. My team had won so they had to select someone to go onto play in the final round. I wasn’t paying attention because one of my teeth was loose and starting to come out. I believe it was one of my molars. I was too busy trying to shake it so I can pull it out.

The team ended up selecting me to play the final round. This game show was about trivia and I was the top player so they picked me. When the host called out my name, I didn’t know what to do because I was still trying to pull my tooth out. I managed to pull it out with one hand and then placed it in my other hand. That’s when everyone turned around to look at me. There I was sitting at the table with bloody tissue papers and a couple pieces of teeth in my hand. It didn’t surprise anyone that I was doing this.

The hostess walked by and dropped of some equipment on the table. The person who was going into the final had to wear it. It looked like a leather hat with some sort of pipe on top. There was a hole in the hate that goes to the pipe. For some reason, I concluded that the opening was for ventilation. I was going to be using my brain power to a high degree that it required ventilation because my head was going to become very hot. Then there was another piece that I had to put on before the hat. It was an insulation of some sort because my head was too small for the hat.

After putting on this apparatus, the host begins to show a movie. I didn’t pay attention to the movie because I was still trying to pull out the other pieces of tooth. When the movie ended, the host asked a question. It was a multiple choice question so he provided the four possible answers as well. As he read out the four answers, everyone was cheering for each one. Since, I didn’t watch the video, I asked him to repeat the answers. Again, people were cheering. I listened to the one that they cheered the loudest for and picked that one. The questions was, “How caused Herman to slip and fall in the movie?” And the four possible answers were, “ice, water, banana, cordless phone.” The crowd cheered the loudest for water so I picked that answer which ended up being the correct one.

My team won a prize but I was still trying to get my tooth that I didn’t pay attention. Damn tooth! I don’t know why I was trying to pull it out manually. I still that that stupid hat too. It got to the point where it slipped over my eyes. A girl came by and hugged me from behind and placed a ticket on the table. Before she left she said that she would meet me at the gates. It was a ticket to a Toronto Blue Jay baseball game. I’ve never been to one so I was excited to go. I was also excited in finding out who this mystery girl was.

Since the game was over, everyone started to pack up to leave. After gathering our belongings, we headed towards the parking lot. The parking lot was located on the other side of a bridge. We had to cross this big cement bridge to get to the side other. As we were crossing, we heard someone call out my name.

Me: Hey, I know you.
Girl: Of course you do. Are we still on for tonight?
Me: Yeah. I can’t wait.
Girl: Great. Let’s go!
Me: Are you catching a ride back to town with us?
Girl: Yup. I’m sitting right beside you silly.

As we walked back to the parking, I started limping because every step I took caused a sharp pain in my back. I walked slower so no one would notice that I was in pain. When I got on the bus, I laid down to ease the pain. I didn’t lay on the seat though. This bus has seats in the back while the front part was clear. I don’t know what kind of bus this was but it was roomy. I ended up cuddling with the girl to ease my back pains. So the next time you’ve got back pains, cuddle up with someone, it’ll help. It’s not scientifically proven to help but my subconscious says it’ll help.

Here’s where the strange psychic part comes in. When I said that I recognized her, I called her by her full name, first and last. But the thing is, I’m not supposed to know her last name because I’ve only recently learned her first name. Now, what are the chances of me getting her last name correct? There’s a very low chance of that, right?

When I woke up, the first thing that came to my mind was her name last. After that, I felt a sharp pain in my back so I didn’t move. Then I realized that one of my socks was missing. I had to lay there for a bit until the pain went away. As I was lying there, I started wondering if I had the last name right or not. I thought about how I was going to figure this out. Then it came to me. I would ask my friend because they work together. I would assume she would have an idea as to what her coworker’s last name would be.

I waited for my friend to come online because I didn’t want to call just something as petty as this. She took too long so I decided to take matters into my own hands and did my own little investigation. I went to a few networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, any site where I have a link with my friend. I didn’t have to search long before I found the answer. I click on the picture to make sure that it’s the right person. I checked the last name and saw that I was right.

I was in awe because I had no idea how I got it right. I didn’t know this girl for that long and I can’t recall my friend ever saying her last name. Of course not. Who would use someone’s full name in a day-to-day conversation? I am still surprised as to how I guess her last name right.

Sometimes I wonder if our brains can do a lot more than what we think it’s capable of doing. It’s a complex piece of machinery and nobody knows how it fully works. It’s the control center of the central nervous system and it controls everything you say or do whether you’re awake or asleep. They say that when you’re sleeping and dreaming, the dream is your brain trying to talk to you. But it doesn’t come out and say everything in plain simple English. It speaks to you at another level in some cryptic language that you have to solve when you’re awake. That’s kind of odd because you’re using your brain to figure out what the brain is trying to say to you. I dream of things the odd time and I wonder how close it is to reality.