Have some courtesy

I don’t know what this world is coming to. Today, I saw something that happened that would be classified under cruel in my books. To see something like that happening around this time of year just takes the holiday spirit of out you.

It’s a cold day in Hamilton today. The temperature is 0 degrees Celsius and it’s snowing on and off. Nothing big, just minor flurries every now and then. It’s cold but you can survive if you were walking outside. The sun is out so that helps a bit.

I’m busy rushing to get a layout done before heading to a meet with a client. In the middle of my rushing, my mom asked if I could run to the bank and withdraw some money for her. She’s not up-to-date with the ATM so usually I do most of the banking for her.

Her bank is about five minutes away by car. My brother hasn’t taken the car yet so I grabbed it quickly and headed out. The bank is located at the No Frills plaza on Main and Tisdale. It’s a Saturday but it’s still early so the parking lot was still rather empty. I parked the car at the usual spot in front of the bank. I went in quickly, made the withdraw and got back into my car. I drove out of the plaza and was stopped at the light.

I rarely make this light because it’s on King Street and that area is always busy. Today, there was a full size pick up truck parked on the right hand side. He’s illegally parked there because it’s about five meters from the intersection. Also, half of the van was on the sidewalk. Basically, he’s obstructing traffic. The street that I’m on barely has enough room for two cars to drive on at the same time. The residents of the area park on the left hand side while the rest of the street is for two way traffic. This guy isn’t blocking me but he is blocking access to the cars that are heading in the other direction.

When I drive by the fan, I didn’t see the driver so I assumed he was in the building delivering something. Once I drove closer to the back of the van, I saw him as he was closing the rear doors. Behind him was an elderly lady in a wheel chair. At first she looked like she was a resident of the building. Usually those people are outside just chilling.

As the light starts to turn green, I see the guy close the rear door and enter the building. The elderly lady in the wheel chair proceeds to move forward. I think this whole time she was waiting for that asshole to move his van so she could get through. But instead, all the guy does is close his door and walks into the building. Meanwhile, the elderly lady is trying to maneuver her way around the van but she can because there’s not enough room. There’s also a little slope. In her condition, I don’t think she’ll be able to get up slope even if it isn’t that inclined.

The guy was about five feet in front of her. I’m sure he would have noticed and elderly old woman sitting in a wheel chair waiting for him to move. But apparently, his delivery is more important than the health of another human being. That’s the things that’s wrong with this world. There aren’t enough people out there who are willing to care for others. The Christmas season is supposed to bring out the joy and happiness in people whether you celebrate it or not. Something about all this festivity makes me more kind and generous than I already am. I hope it affects others and encourages them to be the same.