Got milk?

My answer to that question is “No.” I can’t remember the last time I drank milk. I’ll have it in my coffee sometimes but that’s rare. I’m never up early enough to have cereal for break so no milk there either. If I had a choice of choosing between milk or water, I’d drink water.

I think I stopped drinking milk back in high school. I wasn’t see its effects on me so I just stopped. There were commercials airing at the time about how “milk does a body good.” It didn’t do me any good. I felt like I was sick every time I drank it. It didn’t smell right either. And it when it came back out, it stunk even worse.

Milk is supposed to be something that helps your body but if you drink too much of it, it ends up coming back out. I guess the body doesn’t like it when you consume too much calcium. The taste of milk isn’t all the great. If I drink it, I would prefer to add chocolate to it or something. Drinking milk all by itself is probably hazard to my health.

When I was young and didn’t know better, I asked my parents for money so I could buy a coupon at school for milk. For $5, you can purchase a coupon that would allow you to go to the school cafeteria and get milk. That’s $1 a day and this milk weren’t the big cartons either. It was those small ones that are the size of tennis balls. That’s expensive for milk. Back then, $1 was a lot too. But I was told that milk was good for you and being a little boy, I wanted to grow up to be strong. So I made sure to drink milk everyday.

After drinking milk for a while, I started to feel sick. I didn’t get sick though. I just felt like puking every time I drank milk. I wasn’t lactose interolant or nothing. I had no problem digesting milk. The taste of milk just started making me want to spit it back out.

Back in high school, I came to realized that milk isn’t as good as they say it is. If you’ve ever watched documentaries about dairy farms, you’ve probably seen that the cows are hooked into some device that will milk them for all they’re worth. I’m not sure how much they get out of every cow, but I think it’s a lot if it’s supposed to meet the needs of milk drinkers nation wide.

That’s the idea that got me thinking. In order for these cows to produce that much milk, the were injected with hormones or some other chemical. Whatever the cows are injected with is what you’re probably drinking too. The pasteurization process probably doesn’t kill 100% of the bacteria so how do we know that we’re not consuming the chemical that the dairy farmers are injecting into your cow.

The way I see it, milk are for babies. If you look around, the mothers of each animal will nuture their babies to a certain age and then they stop. It’s the same with the human species. You drink milk when you’re a baby and eventually you stop. I don’t think there’s any need to drink it anymore after that, especially milk from another animal. Human milk are for humans. Cow milks are for cows. That’s the way that nature inteneded it to be so leave it be. So if one day in the future, you start lactating, there’s a chance that you’re drinking milk from a cow who’s been injected with