I’ve just finished watching the movie “Hackers” again and let me tell you, I still love the movie. The first time I watched was way back in high school. I didn’t know much back then so I watched the movie and paid little attention to detail. This time around, I caught a lot of things […]

Christmas: The Aftermath

Christmas is usually a holiday season that brings joy and laughter to one and all. But this year, the only thing it did was put a big dent in my wallet. The weather didn’t quite put me in the mood for Christmas and I never got that Christmas feeling. The holiday spirit didn’t affect this […]

Love @ First Note

A while ago, my friend sent a link to YouTube to a Chinese song. I listen to just about anything that sounds good. I listened to the song that he sent me and I thought it was alright but since I didn’t understand most of it, it did nothing for me. After I watched that […]

Christmas future

Christmas has come and gone all too fast. I was too busy working and running errands to experience the whole Christmas feeling. Plus, we didn’t get any snow this year either so that didn’t put me in the mood. The only thing that helped me remember that it was Christmas were the songs that were […]

Christmas present

This year, I’ll be home for Christmas. Well, I’m usually at home for Christmas every year but this year it’s a bit different. I’m scheduled to work the shift on the night of Christmas Eve. By the time I finish my shift, it will be Christmas Day. I’m hoping to make it home in time […]

Christmas past

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s steadily approaching fast. It’s just a week away. All the shopping that I had to do has been done with the exception of one. All the cards that I need to write and has written. The only thing left to do is to wrap up the presents […]


Serendipity is a fun word to say. Part of the word sounds like it’s something complex while the other part sound as if it’s made up. In a way, this word pretty much sums up life itself. Life is complicated but you make it up as you go along. It’s your life to do what […]

It’s too far away

I just saw the new Transformers movie trailer and let me tell you know, I’m drooling. It’s not the lack of sleep that’s causing me to drool. This movie looks like it’s going to be a kick ass movie. The movie isn’t schedule to be released until July 4, 2007. That seven months away. Seven […]