Tick tock

Can you believe that it’s already the end of November? December starts tomorrow and so does the countdown to Christmas. I have very little time to get anything done these days. There’s so much to do yet so little time. I don’t even have time for Tim Horton’s.

As the countdown to Christmas begins, I know I’ll be rushing around looking for gifts for the family. It’s hard to get all of that done when you basically get one day off of work. I am going to have to squeeze in some time before work to get things done. I just don’t want to be going to the mall everyday and coming out empty handed. That’s been happening a lot lately. Every time I got to the mall to find something, I either get a call from my brother or I can’t find what I’m looking for.

Usually around this time of year, the prices goes down in order to attract the shopper’s attention. The thing is, the place that I shop at rarely have sales. If they do have sales, it’s not on the items that I’m looking at. There are even places that have sales but raise their prices. One time, I wanted to buy something from Futureshop so I waited until Boxing Day. When that day came, I went to Futureshop only to find that the price has been raise. It was not more expensive than before. And before, it wasn’t even on sale.

On top of Christmas shopping, I have a layout that needs to be complete for a client. This layout was supposed to be done a long time ago but I’ve been procrastinating a lot. In the beginning I was very eager to get started on the project but then our creative control was taken away so I slowly lost interest. My and the guys made a few layouts for the client but they didn’t like any of them. Compared to the design that they have up now, our designs were a thousand times better. Most web designing firm would give their clients one design and then improve on that but we gave them around ten different designs.

They liked the layout that I came up with but decided that a few things needed to be changed. Those changes completely changed my whole layout. So they’re not giving us a lot of flexibility to do what we want. We have a meeting with them on Saturday to see the new layout. If they don’t like the new one, I think I’m just going to stop and ask them to find another company to make their site for them. I’ve been designing websites for over a year now and the reason why I made their site the way I did was because of the trend. The design for their site should be close to what the current trend is. Unless you’re providing a service that isn’t out there yet, you’re in no position to be setting any trends. I just want to do a good job on the site because the company needs to build our portfolio but with the way things are going, the final design might not be as good as it can be.

While I’m procrastinating on that work, I’ve been doing a little work on my site as well. I plan on releasing a new design tomorrow. A few people have seen it but not in its entirety. At the moment, I am struggling on figuring out where to place certain sections of the main page. A few minor tweaks needs to be done here and there to make sure everything shows up correctly. Firefox and Internet Explorer haven’t agreed 100% on the CSS standard yet so one thing may show up correctly for one browser while it messes up for the other. Here’s a sneak peek.


It’s going to be a new month and we’re slowly reaching 2007 so it’ll be nice to get a fresh new look to the site. I’m just hoping that the new layout will help me get into the mood to design more. Usually, when I’m in the right mood, I’ll constantly design a whole bunch of stuff. It’s my way of working productively. If I lose interest, the whole layout gets scrapped even if it’s 99.99% completed. Rather than going back and fixing up minor mistakes, I find it faster to start all over. It’s good practice too.