Puking on my porch is so uncool

“I’m not drinking anymore!” Anyone who has ever had a little too much to drink has probably said or heard this before. But most of us know that it’s just words. Some people will drink and get wasted and say they won’t drink anymore but the fact of the matter is, they continue to drink for some unknown reason. On my 25th birthday, I drank and sort of got wasted too. I remember thinking to myself, “I’m not doing this every again!” And I haven’t.

Tonight, I went out for coffee with some friends. Around 3:00am, they dropped me off at my house. Outside my house were my brother and a couple of friends. They had just gotten back from partying at the bars down the street. They were outside just hanging out so I thought nothing of it. When I walked closer, things started to get a little loud.

At first, I thought they were just joking because I didn’t go out with them earlier. I’m not much for the bar scene. I don’t drink that often so there wasn’t much of a point for me to go along with them. I know I could have gone and just chilled but I don’t want to go to the bar and not drink.

Then my friend started saying that he hated some feeling. My brother told me that he had a little too much to drink. He had a couple of beers here and then had some more at the bar. After the bar, they went to the pool hall and he drank some more. So by the time they got back to my place, my friend had drunk over his limit. Now he’s trying to puke it all out in hopes of getting it out of his system.

I’m not much of a drinker but I don’t think puking it out helps the situation get a better. The alcohol that he consumed has already gone through his system and impaired him. Any attempts to get it out of the system are pointless.

Then he was hanging over the railing trying to throw up but nothing was coming out. So he went back to sit down on the bench and relax for a bit. That’s when it came out. And it came out in chunks, thick chunks.

I’m use to seeing puke so it didn’t disturb me much. My brother and my friend ran for cover. I stood there staring and analyzing the content of the substance was coming out. Judging by the consistency and the smell, I concluded that he had chicken noodle soup for lunch.

After puking for a good 20 minutes, I went inside and grabbed a plastic bag because I had to take my friend home. We left his car parked out on my street and I drove my car to his place. When we got there, he continued to vomit some more. I walked around for a bit and let some more time pass. The fresh air seemed to help a little but he was still puking out nothing.

His neighbourhood was a quiet one so the sounds that he was making seem to echo. As I was holding him up off the ground, I was thinking that his parents would be coming out anytime soon. Heck, I even thought the neighbours would start coming out to see what was going on. But no one did. I guess their insulation was good if it blocked out the sound of a guy puking in the middle of the night.

Finally, after a few minutes of hurling and heaving, he was able to get on his feet and walk to the side door. We got inside, walked into his room and he just passed out. I found him a bag in case he had to puke again.

When I got drunk and started puking, I knew that I would not be drinking as much again. I don’t like it when the room is spinning whether I’m drunk or not. I’ve learned my lesson and I won’t be doing that any more. I’ll drink a couple of beers every now and then but not more. I’ll admit that I probably had the best sleep every after drinking four beers and a couple shots but the dizziness that you get when you’ve drank that much isn’t worth it.

Back in my high school days, some of my friends were eager to get started on drinking but I never saw why. I still don’t. The effects of alcohol are only temporary and you end up feeling like shit the next day. If you’re willing to spend your money on something like that, there’s nothing I can do to stop you. It’s something that you need to think over and see if it’s worth it. I’ve made my decision the day I turned 25 and I don’t see myself changing my mind any time soon.

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  1. Sorry for the accident homie! lol, I know I should learn to control my alcohol intake, but it was a celebration! I have a different view on alcohol now after that night. I know it ain’t cool to puke on your friends porch, lesson learned the hard way, always. The time I decide to drink again it’s going to be in moderation, slowly. haha Your next!

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