Uber nerds

I went to Canada Computers the other day to pick up a laptop cooler for a friend. Her laptop was getting hot enough to the point where it would slightly burn her legs. If this friend was a guy, it would have reduced his sperm count a little. Laptops have been known to heat up quite a bit but it shouldn’t get hot enough to actually burn you. This is an old IBM laptop so it’s before the days of the exploding batteries.

When I got to Canada Computers, I walked straight to the area that had the cooling devices. I assumed that is where they would have laptop coolers on display. Basically, a laptop cooler are boards that have fans in them. The fans draw the heat that’s emitting from the bottom of the laptop and blows it away. Most laptop only has a couple of vents to circulate the air. It’s usually located by the CPU but neglects the other part of the laptop that may heat up. My friend’s laptop is pretty old so I think it’s starting to go. I didn’t want to get her something too expensive since the laptop isn’t worth that much.

While I was browsing around in the store, I happen to eavesdrop on a few other customers. Although I am somewhat of a nerd myself, I’d have to admit that these guys were uber nerds. They may not look like your stereotypical nerds but they sure talk the talk. When I talk to my friend about computer, I don’t think we sound they way they do. I couldn’t help it but laugh quietly to myself while these guys were talking.

Little nerd #1: You can upgrade to the x800 but it’s the same as the x300 that I sold you.
Big nerd #2: Well, the x800 is a higher performance card since it has 16 pipelines and a higher clock speed.
Little nerd #1: If you don’t want the x300 I gave you, you can give it back but the x300 will give you the performance at a cheaper price.
Big nerd #2: Maybe I can over clock it. Eh, you want to over clock your CPU?
Little nerd #1: Man, I’ve already over clocked my processor to run at 3.42Ghz. That’s 114% at the moment. I might over clock it a little more but I’m going to have to add a better cooling system.
Big nerd #2: Oh yeah. You’re going to have to add a heavy duty heat sink and also get a more powerful fan.

I don’t know why I found their conversation comical. Maybe it’s the fact that I had just woke up recently. The last time I spoke with my friends about computer related issues, we don’t get this technical. If someone was computer illiterate walked by, they wouldn’t have a hard time understanding our conversation. But to understand these guys’ conversation, you need to know computers.

I’m probably more of a computer nerd than those guys were but I don’t fit the profile. Computer nerds have been known to buy guys with thick glasses and spend day and night on their computer. They lack social skills to communicate with others so they stay online all day. That’s pretty much what I do all day. I spend most of my time in front of the computer but I don’t lack socials skills. I can start a conversation with a complete stranger on the street. But I probably spend more time on the computer than out socializing. That would make me a nerd.