I’m a white washed Asian

I came across a video while on YouTube about a group of guys trying to teach people how to be Cambodian. It’s a funny ass video that I can relate to because I totally understand everything that’s they’re acting out. If you’re Cambodian, you’ll crack as well. If you’re not, you’ll probably thing we have a strange culture or something. Maybe for you, this video will be enlightening otherwise you’ve just wasted ten minutes of your life. Enjoy!

It’s funnier if you understand what they’re saying when they’re speaking Khmer. I haven’t read Cambodian in a while so I’m a little rusty in that department. If I’m not mistaken, the word at the end of the video is, “Leah haey” meaning “Goodbye!” It’s either that or something that sounds similar to that.

2 replies on “I’m a white washed Asian”

  1. Hey theres nothing wrong with being white washed…hahah..the video is hilarious!

    btw..if your doctor always gives you tylenol for everything…maybe you should consider changing doctors! hahha…please don’t tell me he also thinks Windex fixes EVERYTHING.

    (to understand that last comment, you’d need to have watched MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING)

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