Clean out your ears

Security gave me a hard time again. I don’t know why since I’ve been working here for almost six months now. Having worked in security before, I understand that they need to get in contact with people in order to give access to certain other people. But being an employee of this facility, I’d thought they’d recognize me by now. I guess it’s protocol to call up someone every time an employee needs access to a floor. Or so I thought.

I haven’t had time to get my picture taken for the new security system. Everyone was supposed to have their picture taken by security at the beginning of November. My dilemma is the fact that I’m not around when the head security is on duty. I work the night shift and the security supervisor works the day shift. By the time I finish my shift, he’s not even in the building yet. And by the time I get into work, he’s already long gone. The only way I can get my picture taken is for me to stay here late. He doesn’t get into work until 9:00am so that means that I would have to stay here for two extra hours. By the time I leave to go back to Hamilton, I’ll probably be caught in rush hour traffic.

I don’t understand why they can’t leave the camera at the security desk and have another guard take my picture. The picture will still be in the camera’s storage by the time the supervisor gets into work. I don’t think they know how to fully operate a camera. They’re probably following instructions laid by in the user’s manual. Most security guards like to do things by the book and no other way. If they were somewhat computer literate they would understand that the security supervisor isn’t the only one that can take pictures. All you’re doing is pointing and clicking. How hard is that?

Since I didn’t have the proper access card to take the elevators to my floor, I had to call a coworker and ask him to bring me up. I called him on the phone and asked if he had the new photo ID card and he confirmed that he did. So I waited for him in the lobby. When the elevator doors opened, I saw that the both of us are going to be stranded for a while. He didn’t have the new photo ID card, he had the old style access card. I didn’t want to have to ask security for assistant because they always give me a hard time but right now I didn’t have any choice.

I used the security intercom by the front desk to get a hold of security. Whoever was on the other end didn’t speak English very well because I had a hard time understanding him.

Security: Security, grbbrggbg shhhrhhd!
Me: Uhhh, yeah, it’s Don. I work on the 10th floor. I don’t have the new photo ID yets so I called my coworker to come down and take me up but he didn’t get the new ID’s yet either. We’re still waiting to get ours.
Security: You can’t gradsfasdfweoij!?
Me: Uhhh, no. I don’t have the new photo ID cards to use the elevators. Could someone meet us here and give us access to the 10th floor?
Security: Is there asdflkjfoiu in the suite right now that you can call!?
Me: No, he’s here with me now. We just need someone to bring us up to the 10th.
Security: Okay, vait. Ve have to asdfjoiu to see if we can let you in! What fdasdf name!?
Me: It’s Don. D. O. N. Last name’s Khuth. K. H. U.T.H.
Security: Tasfdghasf again! I didn’t hear first time!
Me: Don Khuth! D! O! N! K! H! U! T! H!
Security: Ok! Vait there ashhzhxhc meet you there!

I don’t know why this guy was shouting. I’m on camera while I’m using the intercom so he can see that my ear’s right next to the thing. After giving out my info and talking to this for a few minutes, my coworker and I waited. While we were waiting, my coworker asked a few questions about work. Then we made small talk as we waited for security.

After fifteen minutes, there was no sign of security. It doesn’t take fifteen minutes to walk from the east building to the west building. Then we heard the elevator and assumed it was security. Wrong. It was another employee from some other work place. I didn’t think they were going to show up at all so I suggested to my coworker that we just head on over to the security desk.

On the way there, we saw a security guard come out of the elevators. He nodded and wave and started to walk away from us. I guess he’s not the guard that’s supposed to take us up to the 10th. It looked as if he was getting ready to do a patrol around the building.

Me: Excuse me, sir? Are you the one that’s going to take us upstairs to the 10th?
Security: Oh. You don’t have access?
Me: No, my coworkers and I are still need to get our new photo ID.
Security: Okay.

We walked back towards the west building and headed for the elevators. Before getting to the elevators, the security guard stopped and got on the radio.

Security: Patrol to base. I’ve got two guys that need to get to the 10th floor.
Base: Grhasdfjv callback and awaiting authorization.
Security: Let me talk to Emron.
Base: Emron is heading home for the day.
Security: Patrol to Emron.
Emron: Yes, go ahead!
Security: I got two guys here that need to get upstairs.
Emron: We haven’t heard back from someone yet and we can’t let them into the suite without authorization.
Me: No, no, no. We can get into the suite no problem. We just need someone to get us up to the 10th floor.
Security: They just need to get to the 10th floor. They have the security pass to get into the suite.
Emron: Oh. Then yeah, you can let them up there then. There was a bit of a misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding my ass! I didn’t say anything about needing access to the room. I told them that I needed access to the floor. It’s not that hard to understand that. It’s not like I’m talking with some sort of accent. Maybe next time, I’ll subtitle myself so there won’t be any confusion.

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  1. loool what a funny story…i hate it when something like that happens…maybe they were racists or thought you were some punk….lol jk….you must have been late for work.

  2. Actually Don, I think at 9am the traffic on the highway won’t be that bad. Everyone would be heading towards GTA for work, not that many people would go the opposite direction. You can give it a shot about staying an extra 2hrs for free just to get you photo taken.

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