Modern Day Robin Hood

Robin Hood is back but he’s not in Sherwood Forest anymore. He’s out on the streets of New York City and this time around he’s not stealing from the rich. He is just out there giving. Hard as it is to believe, this guy is actually going around handing out free money to people.

Modern Day Robin Hood is a group of guys from the UK who plans on going around from city to city handing out money. On November 18, 2006 they were in New York passing out money to everyone around them. They were handing out $1, $5, $10 and even $20 bills. For their launch date, they gave out $4000. Everyone in the area went crazy trying to get a piece of the action. It sounded like they were all having fun as well. You can hear the laughter from people as they scrambled for the bills.

These guys appear to be out to do some good but not everyone thinks that way. There’s an article in the New York Post that said these guys did more harm than good. It even mentioned that a little kid got stepped on during the frenzy to collect the bills. It labeled the Robin Hoods as prankster. Luckily, nobody got seriously hurt in the event but due to the bad publicity, they may be forced to leave NYC and fly to another city.

The next city that they go to is up to the voters. On their website, there is a poll where you get to vote on the next destination. I think it’s better if they flew to a city that really needs their help rather than to a well known city. They hope that their generosity will make other people do the same but I think they pick the wrong city to start in. New York’s image isn’t well known for it’s giving but if they can change that, kudos to them.

They say the reason why they are doing this is to “open your mind up to a better world and a better way of living, be good to others.” It sounds like a good goal to work towards and I hope that they achieve it. I just hope that this isn’t one of those stunts to get rich and famous. If they really wanted to do something nice for the world, they didn’t have to let the media in on it. What’s the point in being anonymous if you’re going to tell everyone about what you’re doing?

Modern Day Robin Hood

2 replies on “Modern Day Robin Hood”

  1. We are ‘Modern Day Robin Hood,’ are you getting this, ‘MODERN DAY.’
    This means we are using the MODERN DAY tool to reach a wider audience.

    This is not about self promotion, this is about actually getting off your arse and making the world a nicer place.
    Too many people, like yourself, are too quick to knock something they either do not understand or can not comprehend.

    If we hadn’t done the stunt, would you have heard about us?
    Have you heard about our work PRIOR to the stunt?
    The answer I’m sure is ‘No.’

    I rest my case.


  2. I am not knocking you guys. If anything, I’m supporting you. If I was knocking you, I would have filed that entry under “Rant” but I didn’t. So, I rest my case too.

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