What right do you have to complain?

There are people who like to complain about things that they shouldn’t be complaining about. The reason why they are complaining about it is because it’s not going their way. Instead of taking things as it is, they need to voice their opinion on the matter.

I know a person who complains that I work too much. I am not denying the fact that I work a lot because it’s true. I full forty hours a week but it just so happens that I work during the night. I don’t have a choice but to sleep during the day. I could stay up but that will just mean that I’ll be twice as tired during my shift. So I never have time to do anything fun. She had a little get together for some occasion which wasn’t special and I couldn’t make it because I had to work.

I don’t mind going to these little gatherings but I do mind the request to pitch in for food. I way I see it is, if I invite people to my house, I make sure I have food prepared ahead of time. I am not going to expect my guest to pay for food. If I invited someone to go out and eat, I am not going to expect them to pay for that meal. I’m the one that’s inviting them so I am the one that will be covering the bill when it comes. I don’t mind having to pay for at someone else’s party if it’s a party that don’t happen too often.

My friend Kenny invited me over for BBQ and all that he ask is that I chip in for alcohol. That part I understand because everyone pays for their own alcohol because that stuff ain’t cheap.

The things that gets to me is that some people seem to get mad at me because I miss their little parties due to work so they start complaining about me working to much. What right do they have to complain when they don’t even have a part time job? I’ve been working since I’ve was in grade six and this person only work seasonal jobs. I have no idea where they get the income to pay for stuff. It’s people like this that pisses me off. They sit around doing nothing and get their things paid for while the rest of us are working to earn a living. I prefer not to associate myself with people that don’t work for their money. They don’t understand the reason why we have to work because their mommy and daddy are paying for their stuff.

Other than parties, the only time I see my friends is when I go over and pay them a visit. Since the start of my college years, I rarely have time to hang out with my friends. I try to put some time aside to stop by their house and see how they’re doing. They have a busy life as well so it’s rare that they have time to pay me a visit.

There are only a handful of friends that I will visit. When I get the car, I’ll head over to my friends who live up the mountain. They all live within close vicinity of each other so it’s not hard to go from one house to the other. Two of the household have kids so I pay them a visit to see how their kids are doing. Let me tell you now, those kids are growing up fast. The youngest is already walking and slowly learning to talk. If I don’t visit them, I miss out on stuff like that.

Life’s too short to be complaining about every nook and cranny. People have to learn to make due with what you have. Instead of complaining about things, they should be doing something about it. If the current job that you’re working at isn’t paying you what you think it’s worth, it’s up to you to find another one. I’ve moved around from job to job and I make an effort to ensure that my next job pays more than my current one.

Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere and will only make you happy for a short while. It’s nice to get things off your chest but it doesn’t help make the situation any better. If I’m hungry, I go out and buy food. While I’m eating that food, I’m not going to complain that it sucks. Food is food and it if wasn’t good, you know better next time not to order it. There are people who there who survive on one meal a day. That’s if they’re lucky enough to get one meal per day. They take what they’re given and they live with it.

A lot of people complain about the things that they don’t have when in actuality, they’re better off than most people. Some people complain because they are self-centered and things aren’t going their way. I think that the quality of your life will improve if you spent more time doing things rather than complaining about it.

2 replies on “What right do you have to complain?”

  1. Don, I agree with you. I understand that sometimes I complain quite a bit too, but I think I know where to draw the line. Like sometimes people complain about EVERYTHING and it’s just like “just shut up already!” cuz it’s like.. why must you voice every tiny little detail? It’s not like everyone is out to get you and screw you over, so just shut it… lol… yah… i say that on here, but if i were talking to the person face to face, i would never say “You’re a moron.. shut up” but you know i’d be thinking it lol

  2. Most people in general are too well mannered to tell someone to stop complaining. If I was talking to someone face to face, I wouldn’t say anything to them either unless they say something that ticks me off…

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