Here comes Santa

Santa Claus parade took place yesterday afternoon. It’s a yearly event that occurs in Hamilton right around this time. The parade starts from King Street and Queen St down to King Street and John Street. Then then turn down John Street, back up to Main Street and Bay Street and end on Cannon Street and Bay Street. It starts at 2:00pm and finished around 4:00pm.

The day was a tad chilly but it wasn’t too bad if you had a hot drink to keep you warm. My hot coffee didn’t last that long till the time the parade started. It got a little chilly after that but it wasn’t too bad

My little pony

The parade started off with just a few floats with people in it. Then came alone this little pony with a little girl on it.

Elvis is alive!

Elvis is still alive and has took up a part time job driving for Scott Thompson. Thompson is a local radio host for Y-108.


This is Bruiser, the Hamilton Bulldogs hockey team mascot. He was running around all over the place shaking hands of little kids.

Super Plungerman

Meet Super Plungerman and Plunger Woman. I have no idea what they had to do with Christmas.

Go Kart

The guys in red are the engineering students from McMaster University. This is their little homemade go-cart. As you can see, it uses man power to get it going. Three map power to be exact.

Horse and carriage

This carriage has one horse power and could probably beat the McMaster go-kart in a race.

11 pipers piping

Eleven pipers piping. These guys must have been cold.


Look at these clown. The one with the purple hair was shouting out Happy Halloween. I guess he didn’t get the memo about this being a Christmas parade.

VW Beatle Police

This is the first time I’ve seen a Volkswagen Beetle police car. I think it’s just for show and not for actual police work.

Peach Queen

I think these are the Peach Queen and the Peach Princess from the Winona Peach Festival.


These guys are from the Community Living Centre across the street from my house. I think that that place is for mentally challenged people but I don’t see anything wrong with these guys. They have an awesome drum line.

Connie Smith

Connie Smith is one of the news anchor of a local television station. I don’t know what she’s pointing at but I think she saw something that was news worthy.

Dr. Davi students

These are the students from the Dr. Davi school. The little girl at the front of the line who’s facing away is my little friend. She informed me of the parade so I had planned on getting a picture of her but I didn’t realize it was her till it was too late. I didn’t even know this was her school.

Man in rabbit ears

This man was not part of the parade. There was a little booth set up behind me that was selling hot chocolate. He bough a couple of cups and headed back to his spot. The fastest way back would be to walk on the street rather than through the crowded sidewalk.


I forgot which float these people were a part of but since they were kind enough to look into the camera and wave, I took their picture.


Spidey looks alittle beaten up here. He was part of the Buddy float that aims to put a stop on bullying.

Miss Canada

Here is Miss Canada riding in style in a Mercedes.

Mr. Rehill

This man here is Mr. Rehill. He is the current principle at my high school. I remembered seeing him in this outfit but i wasn’t sure if it was him at first. Someone had previously mentioned that he was in the parade so I made sure I got a picture of him this time around.

The Hitmen

These guy must have gotten tired from playing because by the time they arrived in my area, they were just carrying their instrument. The spot that I was standing at wasn’t even that far from the starting position either.

More people

More people smiling and waving for the camera.

Maids Plus

These people are from Maid Plus, a local business that deals with cleaning, I guess. I’ve never heard of them before so I think their new.

Step dancer

This girl is part of the Step Dancing float. They stopped in front of my area for a few seconds and started dancing for a bit before having to move on.

Red Tag Hatters

I don’t know what Red Tag Hatters are. I assume they made red hats. Let’s just hope that they’re better at making red hats than they are at making umbrellas.

The Grinch

The Grinch stole this car and a bunch of other toys in the carriage.

Santa Claus

The parade ended with Santa Claus. It wasn’t much at the end. I was expecting something bigger but it was just his jolly old fellow waving and saying stuff.

People in the parade were handing out stuff from candies to flyers. My brother tried to get something but every time he held out his hand, they would skip him. My little brother did manage to get a box of cereal but then he gave it back as donation for the food drive.

The parade wasn’t too bad. I think it’s the same every year. The downtown core’s streets gets block off for two hours. Anyone who isn’t out of there during the time of the parade will have to wait until it is done. After that, traffic starts to back things up as people try to leave. Most of them live within walking distance so it’s okay. As I was walking back home, I ended up watching the parade again because it goes by my house.