In pairs

Is it just me or do people’s computers fail in pairs. Every time I have to fix someone’s computer, someone else’s computer fails as well. For the last year, I’ve always had to fix two computers at once. I don’t have time to fix all these computers but it seems has if there aren’t any more computer guys around.

Right now, I’m fixing my uncle’s computer because Windows doesn’t want to start up. For some reason, it doesn’t want to load after the boot up screen. It repeatedly restarts itself on its own. I don’t know why the computer does that. My best guess would be that it cause some sort of virus and that virus corrupted a system file. But I can’t get into Windows to find out so I have no other choice than to reinstall windows.

I don’t want to format the computer because I don’t want to lose anything. I’m too lazy to take the hard drive out and back up it up on my computer. Formatting is the last thing I want to do with other people’s computer. It would be easier to format the computer but people don’t know how to make a back up of their files. I tell them to save their files on a different partition but that’s all Geek talk as far as they know. It’s hard to explain computer issues to someone who doesn’t understand the language. Even though it’s English, it sounds like a whole other language to them.

The thing I hate about having to reinstall Windows is that I lose all the software that was installed. I don’t know why Windows doesn’t just overwrite itself and leave the program files alone. All the software that are stored in the “Program Files” folder are still there after the reinstall but you can’t run any of them. They should write the operating system so that it will detect the files in a folder and just run it. That would make things so much easier. I wouldn’t have to waste so much time reinstalling all the software.

Reinstalling Windows seems to be hard enough for some people. There have been times when I have to reinstall Windows a few times before it would work properly. Format after format, Windows somehow fails to boot up correctly. I don’t understand that part since the install was a fresh one. It’s as if it detected the old install of Windows somewhere on the hard drive and just decides not to boot up.

After a successful re-install, there’s no guarantee that Windows will operate properly. After I re-installed Windows, it seemed to work fine. But then a few hours later, my computer would restart on its own without warning. It’s things like this that makes me not want to fix my computer in the first place. My main computer has been down for almost a month now. The new LCD monitor that I got is just sitting there. There’s a whole upgrade that I need to do as well but I’m getting lazy. A computer guy’s work is never done.

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  1. the causes that i run into before with my old computer, was the hard drive problem.. so many thing causes this too.. but the main one is stupid ms-winlol that why i switches to mac, wahu

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