Man of experience

I was working one night, as always, trying to solve the customer’s problem to the best of my abilities. After a few hours of troubleshooting, I’m glad to take a little breather. Before going on break I asked a customer regarding a trouble ticket that he opened up. One thing lead to another and the next thing I knew, we were just chatting about non trouble ticket related issue.

I started the conversation with the customer by asking him about some problems that he had with a destination. I told him that I couldn’t make any test calls because it’s 3:30am in the morning on this side of the world. He said it was fine because he can check up on the system the next time his clients make their phone calls.

Somewhere in our conversation, he mentioned the quality of Tech Support’s work. I was sensing that he might be complaining because he always has issues and they’re not being fixed fast enough. Instead he praised me for doing a really good job. He was too pleased with the other Tech guys though. He said that something they wouldn’t listen to him and sometimes they would get angry at him. I have no idea who he’s talking about because I rarely work with another Tech Support.

The one thing that he said that made me think was “You are a man of experience.” He said that because I told him I had experience in customer service. I had the skills that are required to find a solution to a problem and I had the skills it takes to make a customer happy. The mixing of the two is a good combination when it comes time to dealing with the customers, especially one that isn’t too happy with the service at the moment.

Come to think of it, I have a wide range of experiences. As I was growing up, I’ve kept an open mind regarding career choices. I have a lot of different skills under my belt but I didn’t sharpen them enough to get a job in those fields. If something goes wrong with my car, I have the basic skills to perform a check up. If my computer doesn’t power on, I can diagnose the situation and fix it myself. From troubleshooting technical stuff to dealing with people, I’ve done that too. I’ve worked at Burger King and deal with rude customers. I’ve done third party collection which is almost like telemarketing. I’ve even worked on the farm, picking fruits.

But my experience isn’t limited to labour jobs. I’ve had a few jobs where I was working in an office. My current job is in a office. The office jobs are the easiest jobs in the world. Whatever it is you’re doing in the office barely makes you sweat. The only time you sweat is when the air conditioner goes out during a hot summer day.