Rare $2 bill

It’s been a long time since I last saw a Canadian $2 bill. They stopped circulation of the bill back in 1996 and replaced it with a $2 coin shortly after. To anyone who are not Canadian, the $2 coin is called a toonie. I think that’s because the $1 coin is called a “loonie” and since you have $2 it’s a toonie (two-nee). It’s the nicknames we give our coins for some odd reason.

Canadian $2 bill

The Canadian $2 bill has a picture of the Queen on one side and a pair of robins on the other side. The Queen shows up on a lot of our money. I think she’s on every coin we have. When the $2 bill was replaced with the toonie, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. I’m not sure why I was excited to get one. I guess it was because it was something new.

To the American, it seems as if we have monopoly money because all of our bills are multi-color. All of their bills are green. The only green bill we have is the $20 bill. The $2 is light brown, $5 is light blue, $10 light purple, $50 light red, $100 light brown (I think) and the $1000 is something like light brown too. I’ve never seen a $1000 bill in person. Who in their right mind would walk around carry $1000? Even if I had that much money, I wouldn’t carry around a $1000 bill. I’d get 500 $20 so it’ll look like I have a lot.

So, how did I get my hands on this rare bill? Well, I was over at my friend’s house visiting. The wife came into the living room and we started talking about the lottery. Last night was the Lotto 6/49 draw for $39,000,000 and four people won. Then the wife took out a couple of $2 bills. I was surprised to see them because it’s been so long since I last saw one. I see them at the foreign exchange place but that’s not for sale. I didn’t think anyone still had these. I asked her if I could have one and she agreed. So I gave her a $5 in exchange. I don’t know if it’s worth more or not but now I have a $2 bill to add to my collection.

If anyone is interested, take a look at the front of the $2 bill, the side with the Queen on it. You will notice that there are a bunch of wavy lines. Those wavy lines are made up of the number “2.” I found out when my friend asked me how many 5’s there were on the old $5 bill. I counted about four or so because they were big enough to be counted. If that number appeared in the serial number, I counted that as well. But I was way off. There were hundreds of them in the way lines. I didn’t notice it until I looked closer.

I hope the government doesn’t come on here and charge me for having a picture of money. They might get the wrong idea and think I’m trying to make counterfeit copies of a bill that’s no longer in circulation. Not like that would happen. What would the government be doing on my site? If you people from the government are reading this, please don’t sue me.