I’ll take one

For a limited time only, well until June 2007 you can receive free sample of Old Spice Signature. I don’t know what this cologne smells like but I am not turning down a free sample.

I’m not sure how much is in the sample though. The site is stating that you get a free “1 use sample.” Does that mean you can use it once and it’s out? If so, that’s sort of a waste to be shipping out free sample of that size. You won’t know unless you give it a shot. There’s no harm in trying. The worse that can happen is that they will send you a bunch of emails about their product.

Old Spice Signature

If you apply for a free sample today, there’s a chance that you’ll get it by Christmas. So it’s almost like Old Spice is sending you a Christmas present, only this one, you get to open early.

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