The Black Cubes

Mysterious black cubes are slowly making their presence known on the internet. These black cubes are made out of wood and contain something very mysterious inside of them. There are no ways to find out its content without opening it but once the cube has been opened, its content is lost.

Black Cubes

Michelangelo Roberti is an Italian artist who started this project. He is creating 999 black cubes that are identical in appearance and he’s selling them one by one. As each cube gets sold the price of the next cube goes up by 50 cents so the earlier you buy the cubes, the more you’ll be saving. If you’re lucky enough to be the person who purchases the 999th cube, you will be spending $559.50 for it, if my calculations are correct.

Supposedly, the content of each cube is unique. Each cube is part of a bigger project. One day something will happen to this project that will change its meaning. The basic concept of this idea has made me curious. It’s human nature to be curious about things. Why else do you think that gossips are so popular? Why do you think people like to stop by or slow down when they get close to a scene of an accident? That is known as “rubbernecking” by the way and that in turn causes the “Venturi effect.” People can’t stop themselves from noticing such events because they curiosity is running wild. They need to know what happened.

Black Cubes

The artist is saying that the black cubes are “a metaphor for human curiosity.” Basically, you buy the cubes and you let it sit there to test your curiosity. How many times have you seen a box lying there and wondering what was in it? Curiosity is a natural inquisitive behaviour that everyone has. I don’t know about everyone but most of us anyway. It’s a sense that makes us seek out information that we’re missing. I think it’s one of the fundamental goals that drives life. As we age, we learn new things and we continue to learn. I don’t think anyone ever stops learning. I bet even the smartest person in the world still has a lot left to learn. Even if he manages to consume all of the world’s information, there are still things that we don’t know about.

I believe it’s the things that we don’t know about that pushes to learn more. The unknown can be a scary thing but once you learn about it, it’s not that scary. Back in the days when people thought that the world was flat, they were afraid to sail out into the ocean because they assumed that they would fall off the edge of the earth. Today, we know that it is not possible to fall off the earth because the world is round.

Sometimes our curiosity blinds us and we do not see the obvious answer that is sitting right in front of us. Some people think that the most obvious answer is too simple to accept. I would prefer to accept an obvious simple answer rather than an inconspicuous complex answer.

For more information visit the site, ->The Black Cubes
Update: Black Cube: The arrival

2 replies on “The Black Cubes”

  1. For a new twist, it looks like he has just added the ability to “Choose your favourite number!” so you can pick which cube you want. I’m not sure whether that was an option before, but now the website specifically calls it out, and after you indicate what country you want it shipped to, you get a big page showing all the available cubes.

    I think that will help them move faster because people can buy one that is meaningful to them, rather than waiting a few days for a better number to come up.

  2. Hey James,

    No, the option to pick a specific number wasn’t available before. I remember this because I wanted to pick a certain number and the only way to get that number was to wait. When that number was available, Michelangelo sent me an email to alert me.

    I agree, this new option should move things along quicker.

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