Don’t nudge me

I like MSN Messenger. I use it at home and at work. It’s a good way to keep in touch with most of my friends whether they are local or overseas. It has come a long way since the day that I’ve first used it. There have been some good upgrade and some bad additions to the software. One that I don’t like at the moment is the addition of the ability to nudge.

Not a lot of my friends use this feature because I give them my attention when I’m talking to them. There has been times when I’ll run upstairs to grab something quickly and get caught up with something on the television and not go back to my room for quite some time. Even after taking that long, I don’t get a nudge.

When I’m at work, I get nudges all the time. Customers are impatient and demand all your attention right away. They are taking the term “instant messenging” too seriously. It doesn’t occur to them that I might be busy with other things. They can’t stand to wait a few seconds for my response. As soon as they greet me, they nudge me seconds later. The first thing they usually says is, “Hello. are you there?” It’s a 24hr Tech Support MSN account and my status doesn’t say that I’m away and yet they think that I am. I shouldn’t answer them and see what would happen. Chances are, they’ll send me a nudge.
If people are impatient enough to nudge me, it will only make them wait longer. If it was something very important and requires my attention right away, they can call the Tech Support line. If it’s via MSN, I’ll get around to it when I’m done what I need to do.

Nudges never bothered me before. It’s just starting to get to me now because a coworker keeps nudging me for something. He’s new to the company and he is also improperly trained. I’ve recently receive countless calls from him the other day asking what he should do. For about an hour, my phone was ringing non-stop. It was my day off work but with all those calls, it felt like I was working.

And yesterday, he needed to catch the last bus back home so I had to go in early. It’s my day off and I have other work to catch up on. I can’t just drop what I’m doing to go to work early. It’s not my fault that another coworker has no means of transportation to get him home after his shift. If transportation was a difficulty, he should have reconsidered location. And when I got to work, he was still there? What’s the point in asking me to come in early if he was going to stay there until the end of his shift? I don’t knoe either.
I’ve put aside my time for far too long in order to cover for work. I’m tired of being the nice guy just because work calls and needs me to be there right away. If they wanted me to get there early, they should have scheduled me in earlier. It’s the weekend and they expect me to get to work when they tell me to? I don’t think so.

The worker that I was speaking with on MSN doesn’t speak proper English nor can he write it well. I have to decipher everything he writes to me over MSN. When you’re dealing with international clients, I think that being able to speak and write English well is a requirement to get the job. If you can’t speak English well, the clients will not understand you and you probably won’t understand then. If you can’t write English well, then the client will have to try and decipher you and their English is bad enough. Along with my rants I like to add some dialog. Here’s the deciphered version:

Tech: At what time are you coming?
Me: Oh, well “Hi” to you too. I leave town the same time I always leave town. Around 10:00pm.
Tech: My last bus comes at 10:10pm so I have to leave before 10:00pm. Boss said it’s okay.
Me: Okay?
Tech: You have to be here before 10:00pm.
Me: What? No. I have work to finish up here. I don’t think I’ll be able to get there that early. This is a bit of a short notice. Again.
Tech: Boss not call you?
Me: Nope, this is the first I’ve heard of anything.
Tech: Okay, let me call him.
Me: Tell him that I can be there as soon as possible but I can’t guarantee anything.”

As he calls him, I run upstairs to use the washroom. I had just woke up and I needed to go. I was tired all day and I didn’t want to go to work tired or else I’d just fall asleep at the computer. When I got upstairs I found that the washroom was occupied so I watch some football highlights. My brother gets out of the washroom and I quickly enter to do my business.

I go back downstairs and found that my coworker sent me a nudge. During his last couple of shifts he has been calling me and talking to me on MSN. At first I didn’t mind it since he was new. But when I was new, I called my coworker maybe twice and he hadn’t arrived home yet. He was still at the bus stop waiting for his bus. Once he had gotten home, I stopped calling. I hate having to call anyone for any kind of assistant. I was hired to do a job, not to get others to do that job for me.

Tech: Okay, he said I can go home early. You can come here at 10:40pm.
Tech just sent you a nudge.
Tech: Hello.
Me: Yes…
Tech: Okay, he said I can go home and he gave me URL to Spiderman.
Me: Okay.
Tech: Can you tell me URL?
Me: I thought he already told you.
Tech: No, he told me to get URL so I can monitor it from home.

I gave him the URL and the address for the Remote Desktop Connection to monitor the servers. The address was right there in front of him but he didn’t see it. For someone who has a Masters in Computer, he sure doesn’t seem like one. If I had a Master, I think I would be able to detect if someone on MSN had a virus and the virus is trying to spoof you into downloading something. The last time I spoke with him on MSN, he said that someone was trying to send him a link but the link didn’t work. He even copied and pasted the link to me. Right away, I could tell it was a virus. Not too bright if you ask me.

He is slowly getting the hang of things but there are too many things that he doesn’t understand. Maybe I should be blaming the person that trained him but he should have said something if he wasn’t ready to be on his own. I trained for three days and I still didn’t think I was ready. I was put to work on my own but it was during office hours. I think he should have requested the same thing because he is not able to do his job if he keeps calling me for stuff. I don’t want to have to do his job for him.

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  1. Yah f- that. Seriously, if someone calls you in to work, you get ther when you get there. I get that a lot at bubble tease.. amazingly one worker can work everyday, except when it comes to EVERY SUNDAY SHIFT, she is miraculously sick! Wow! If she’s not sick, it’s family emergency, or she spent the night in toronto and she’s still there but her shift starts in 40 minutes. UGhhh.. i hate how when you are considerate, people take advantage of you. Thats right don, don’t fall for that crap.

  2. I don’t fall for it. Usually if I have nothing else better to do so I’ll just go to work. Rather than sitting around doing nothing, I go to work and do the same but get paid for it. 😛

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