New season, new fashion

I’ve been thinking of getting a new line of wardrobe. I’m not that young anymore but the clothes that I wear are starting to fade out of style for someone my age. I am letting go of the baggy style and gearing up for a casual style. As I grow up, I’ve changed fashion throughout the stages of my life and this is just another stage.

I grew up wearing really baggy clothing. The pants that I wore had really wide legs. It was wide enough to cover my shoes. My shirts were always extra large no matter what size I really was at the time. I was into that whole skater style apparels. That was the style that was in at the time and that was the style I went with.

As I grew up, I stuck with it. In high school my friends were wearing khakis while I stayed with baggy jeans. They bought leather jackets while I stayed with regular jackets. I don’t know how else to describe the jackets I had. The ones that I wore were the ones that you would see snowboarders wear, only not as thick. I was usually the black sheep of the group. I never wore what the others were wearing.

Now that I am making my transition into adulthood, I am slowly coming to terms with myself. I came of age a long time ago so I am no longer the kid that I use to be. I’m going to have to start acting like an adult. That’s a little hard to do because my inner child is still strong. But I have to start somewhere.

I’ve noticed that my taste for fashion has changed over the years. When I was younger, most of my clothes barely fit me. Everything that I had was always one size larger than me. I bought things thinking that I would grow into them. Eventually, I came to realize that I’m not growing anymore and I start wearing things that fit.

Right now, I am getting into casual wear. The stuff I buy now are all relaxed fit and are comfortable to wear. I’ve tone down on the colours as well. I don’t buy clothes that have bright colours in them anymore. Most of the clothes that I buy now have a darker colour.

Bellissimo coat

I stopped by Tip Top Tailors the other day and picked up this wool coat. I had my eye on it for about a couple of months now. The first time I saw it, it was selling for $199.99 which was a little on the expensive side. Most of my coats range around the $100 mark. After two months or so, the price dropped $20 to $179.99 which was a bit closer to my price range. There was a little promotion going on where you get a free $20 scarf with a purchase of any outerwear. Since I’ve been waiting for two month for the price to drop and they threw in a free scarf, I decided to buy it.

The tailor picked out a matching scarf for me. I wasn’t picky with the scarf since it was free. I just wanted the coat and I wanted to make sure it fits right. I’m not use to shopping at Tip Top so I wasn’t too familiar with the sizes. Most of the tops that I bought come in three sizes, small, medium and large. This coat had number sizes on them which I didn’t know about. The tailor looked at me for a few seconds and picked out a size 42. I tried it on and it fits perfectly. I looked myself in the mirror and saw that I looked rather dazzling. I was able to move around in it without any restriction. I had no idea that I was a size 42 in the chest but now I’ll know.

Fossil watch

This is the Fossil watch that has recently caught my eye. I know that I’ve recently bought a watch but I couldn’t resist the temptation. It’s made with stainless steel case and band with silver analog hands. There’s a genuine located at the twelve position. Also, it comes with a free tin box, just like the last one I purchased. The watch retails for US$95 but I’m hoping to buy it for US$60. It may not sound like much but it’s a lot once you convert it to Canadian funds. I would have gotten one today but some one over bid me on eBay. I don’t know why they did that because there was more that ended a few days later for the same price. So now I have to wait an extra three days before that auction ends. I don’t mind way since the auction will save me US$30.

Aldo shoes

The pair of shoes that I have now are starting to wear out. I don’t remember when I bought them but I think it was over a year ago. Now they are starting to show some signs of wear and starting to tear. I bought them from Payless for $50 along with another pair of sneakers. Throughout the year, I’ve been alternating between the two. Usually my shoes don’t last much longer than I year. I walk just about everywhere I go so the soles wore out fairly quickly. Now that I’m driving more, I don’t think the soles of my shoes will wear out as fast. The shoe that you see above is being sold at Aldo’s for $79.99. I’m going to have to wait until my next pay before I can buy that.

Kennetho Cole Reaction Bifold wallet

My wallet needs to be renewed as well. The one I’ve had now, I’ve had since high school. My mom bought it for my dad but my dad already had one so she gave it to me. During high school, all I used it for was to carry my ID around. I didn’t have money at the time but if I did, it was probably no more than $5.

The new wardrobe and accessories are going to burn a little hole in my pocket but I rarely buy myself anything expensive. Every time I get a pay cheque, I’ve been paying off the credit card company for other people’s debt. It’s about time I use my money to buy myself something nice.