Dude, where’s my car?

I don’t know what it is about today but I can’t seem to find my car in the parking lot. It wasn’t that dark out so I shouldn’t have a problem finding it. But when I tried to unlock the door with my key, it wouldn’t budge. It happened a few times today and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the night shift starting to catch up on me.

Before going to work, I decided to get some things done. I drove my brother to work and had about twenty minutes so I quickly ran some errors for my mom. My first stop was the bank to withdraw some money. The bank was closed so I had to use the client card to open the door. I walked in and quickly used the ATM to withdraw some funds. I walked out back to my car and tried the doors but for some reason the key didn’t turn. It took me about a few seconds to realize that I was standing next to a green Chrysler Intrepid. My car was to the left of it but I got a little confused when I came out of the bank. Usually when I go to that bank, I always get this one parking spot right outside. I guess out of habit I walked back to the same spot only to be at someone else’s car. I looked around and saw that no one was in the area to witness what I just did. I quickly got into my car and drove to work.

When I got into Mississauga, I stopped by Square One to pick up some stuff. On the way out, a girl was walking in front of me and I happened to notice her. I couldn’t help it, it just happened. When we got outside, she walked to the right and I walked to the left, towards my car. I looked around and spotted my car and proceeded to walk to it. I looked back towards the girl but she was already out of my focus range. Everything beyond that point is now a blur. I get to my car and stood there for a couple of seconds. Something was very odd about this car. It was the same colour as my car but when I looked inside, the content wasn’t mind. I had my side bag in the back but there was nothing in the back seat of this car. I looked on the rear view mirror and saw a dolphin dangling on it. I don’t remember installing one of those in my car.

I stepped back for a second and saw that this wasn’t even my car. It wasn’t even a Camry. It was a green Chrysler Intrepid. That’s the second time today that I confused my car for an Intrepid. I don’t know how I didn’t notice it as first. I could have sworn that I parked my car right here. For a moment, I thought I was being punked or something but I didn’t think that was likely to happen. Why would anyone want to punk me?

I stood back scratching my head for a while and tried to remember where exactly I parked. Then I saw my car. I looked over the Intrepid and saw my car parked right beside it. I must have walked to the driver side door too early when I looked back for that girl.

So I walk around the Intrepid to the Camry. I stuck my key into the door and turned it. For some reason it didn’t budge. I looked at the car and confirmed that it was green Camry but the key wasn’t turning. I looked in the back seat and saw that there was a baby seat sitting there. I don’t remember putting a baby seat in the back. I stepped back again and took a closer look at the car. This wasn’t my car. I could have sworn I parked the car in this area.

It was slowly getting dark and Square One’s parking lot is pretty big. Either someone drove off with my car and parked another Camry in its place or I forget the exact location of my parking spot. I looked over at the next row of cars but with my bad vision, I couldn’t see my car. Plus there were other cars blocking the cars parked behind. If my car was behind one of those cars, I wouldn’t see it until I got closer.

Then I see something that looked like a Camry. This one was parked a row closer to the mall’s entrance. That’s when it occurred to me that I did park rather close. I just didn’t remember it was this close. I spotted this car because of the fin on the top of the car. The previous owner installed a fin that had an LED on it. I don’t know what the purpose of it was. Just for show, I guess. I walked up to that car and saw my side bag in the back.