Want some candies?

On Halloween night, I didn’t get a chance to hand out candies to the trick-or-treaters because I got called into work four hours early. I bought a bag of candies to hand out but so did my brother. We ended up handing out his stuff while my candies were sitting in my room. Since I was going to have a lot left over, I grabbed a handful and took it to work.

I grabbed enough to fill the pockets of my jacket and I grabbed a handful and shoved it in my side bag. All of that should last me throughout the night. But I was so load with work that I didn’t get a chance to eat any of the candies. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a plate, filled it with candies and left it for my coworkers.

Majority of my workers are adults so I didn’t think that many of them would eat candies. I left the candies there thinking that it would still be there when I get back in the following night. Not a lot of grown ups still eat candies. This was probably the first time I had candies in months. I stop buying candies because I didn’t have time to stop by a convenient store and grab something.

I got back to work tonight and found that the candies were all gone. I was surprised because I didn’t think anyone would like them. All that was left was an apple flavoured Jolly Rancher lollipop. I think it would have looked funny if someone was working and eating a lollipop at the same time. That’s probably why no one took it. It wouldn’t have looked very professional of them. But since I’m at work alone, I can look unprofessional all I want.

The plate was full of candies too. There was enough in there that the plate was almost overflowing. I’m surprised that there was a lollipop left over. I would have assumed that if everything was taken, the lollipop would be gone as well but I guess no one likes it. It’s nice of them to leave me the lollipop though. Seeing that all the candies were taken, I’m guessing my coworkers didn’t go out trick or treating.

It didn’t seem like there were a lot of trick-or-treaters either because a lot of the candies that my brother bought are still in the basket. I brought at handful to work but it’s mostly chocolate this time, Reese’s Pieces and Twix. I think I’ll eat them all before morning comes. Whatever is left over, my coworkers will have to dual to the death for it. I don’t think there’s enough for everyone so it’s a first come first serve. Plus, I still have the bag of candies that I bought sitting in my room. And then there’s the stuff we had left over. My little brothers have enough candies from trick-or-treating so it looks like I’ll be bringing in more candies for the night shift.