Stop forwarding junk

I don’t like getting junk mail as much as the next guy. Whether it be junk mail or junk email, I don’t like getting them. Most of the time, I delete them but I’m getting a little tired of doing that. I can’t filter them out because these junk emails are coming from people on my contact list. It’s the 21st century and people are still superstitious about things. If they don’t forward the email to other people, they will die in a freakish accident. Oh please!

Since this morning, I’ve received four emails relating to the same thing. I was trying to sleep but for some reason Hotmail text messages my cell phone every time I get an email and I’m not online. First it would ask if I want to change with Hotmail so I just ignore it and delete that message. Then it sends me a text message saying that I have mail. Then it asks me to reply with the message “M” if I want to read it. It cost me fifteen cents if I send a text message. Why would I want to do that if it’s free from my computer which is sitting about two feet from me?

In my inbox were four emails from four different people. I can see by the subject heading that each email will contain the same content. The subject was “Chinese Horoscope- Spooky, but accurate.” It’s one of those emails where you follow the instructions and in the end, you have to pass it on. This one instructed you to write down the numbers one to eleven along the side of a piece of paper. Beside #1 and #2, you write down any number you want. Beside #3 and #7, you write the number of someone of the opposite sex. Beside #4, #5 and #6, you write down the names of a friend or family. Beside #8, #9, #10 and #11, you write down the title of a song.

I get this email all the time only it has been slightly altered in some way to make it sound new. I found it interesting the first time I received it but now it’s just boring. I can’t believe people still think it will bring them good luck if they send the email to ten other people. If they paid attention to the email, the number that they wrote down for #2 is the number of people they have to tell about the email. But at the end of the email it says to tell at least ten people. If it instructs me to write down a number, I usually write down a low number in case it’s relating to the number of people I have to inform. But what’s the point of that if I have to send it to at least ten people?

It’s not really fair if you send it to someone who has already received it. No one ever looks at who has received the email and who hasn’t because if they did, I wouldn’t be receiving four copies of the same email. Some emails are worth sharing but a lot of them aren’t. I don’t know why people think that by sending out an email they will receive good fortune. What ever happened to working hard to get what you want? These people are lazy and just want a quick way out. They don’t realize that the email is just wasting their time when they could have used that time to do something more productive. I am getting to the point where I’m going to filter their emails so it goes straight to my junk mail box. They hardly ever send me anything worth reading anyway so I might as well.

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  1. oh i know what are u taking about mang… now i what i have done is i am spaming then by telling to stop sending me junk mail….

  2. oh i know what are u taking about mang… now thats what i have done is i am spaming then by telling to stop sending me junk mail….

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