Tick tock

Can you believe that it’s already the end of November? December starts tomorrow and so does the countdown to Christmas. I have very little time to get anything done these days. There’s so much to do yet so little time. I don’t even have time for Tim Horton’s. As the countdown to Christmas begins, I […]


A friend recently sent me a link to a video that one of my college professors made. It was a video about critical thinking. He mentioned an experiment performed by Edward De Bono about a black cylinder where the cylinder would tip over without a cause. It would be sitting there on a desk and […]

Fully discharged

It’s the holiday seasons and much like the other in town, I’ve been running around, stressing out and draining all my energy. The night shift has done nothing but add insult to injury. Every morning when I get home, I have a problem with getting to sleep right away. And when I wake up a […]

Uber nerds

I went to Canada Computers the other day to pick up a laptop cooler for a friend. Her laptop was getting hot enough to the point where it would slightly burn her legs. If this friend was a guy, it would have reduced his sperm count a little. Laptops have been known to heat up […]

Eakspay internetway

The internet has grown so much since I’ve first started using it that there are communities being built online. You can do just about everything online from dating, shopping or even order a pizza. Like most communities, they all speak a certain language and the internet is no exception. From abbreviations to acronyms to smilies, […]

Go back to Drivers Ed

Seriously, the province needs to starts revoking driver’s licence, like today! People who do not know the basics of driving should not be allowed behind the wheel. They are endangering not only themselves but other drivers as well and potentially an innocent bystander too. What I am about to tell you happened within a twenty […]