Ranking high

It took a while but my site finally showed up on Alexa. Every since I start blogging and I wanted to keep track of where my visitors are coming from. At the time, there were limited resources available so I had to create my own program to keep track of visitors. Once the traffic starting building up, I went on Alexa to see how I ranked. But I guess I didn’t have enough incoming traffic because Alexa didn’t show anything about my website.

Alexa is a site that provides information about traffic to different websites. They get their information from people who have the Alexa tool bar installed on their computer. It’s basically a search engine with some extra features.

After seeing that my site wasn’t listed on Alexa, I stopped checking because I thought they only displayed information about the sites that were in the top 100,000. But recently, I’ve been seeing their bot on my site. That was when I went back on Alexa and searched for my site again. After getting back the results, I found out that I’ve finally been ranked.

Traffic rank

It’s a pretty high rank too, 5,844,148th place. I don’t know how many websites there are out there but there has to be at least 5,844,148. If that is the case that would be that I’m dead last. That’s okay with me because I’m just glad to be listed. The screen shot that they took was from a long time ago, around five months ago. I’m curious to see how much I’ve moved up on the ranks.

Linked to

This screenshot shows a list of all the sites that links back here in some way. Technorati is a network site for bloggers. I signed up with them when I first started blog. Blogmad is almost the same thing as Technorati but it more of a blog advertiser. He displays your blog to other people depending on the amount of blogs that you visit. For every blog you visit, you get a point. The more points you have the more your site is shown to others. And I’m connected to the Dilbert Blog because I left a comment on there. I’ve actually received a few hits from readers who click on my comment.

I haven’t been blogging long so any amount of exposure excites me. I’m sure anyone who’s looking for exposure will agree that any amount of exposure helps. It’s kind of cool to see that people will google a certain term and somehow land on my site.