I used to have a big collection of movies. A while ago, I started using Columbia House to order my movies from because I thought that I would be saving money. Five movies for forty nine cents each was a great deal. My first order included six movies ended up costing me $35 after shipping. That works out to be $7 per movie. In order to complete my membership, I had to buy four more movies at regular price. Since I’ve already saved on the first five movies, I didn’t mind paying full price for the last four. That’s where I made my big mistake.

I thought that regular price would be the same price that I saw that the stores but they weren’t. When I went to compare the prices, I found that Columbia House prices were a few dollars more than the retail stores. On top of that, I had to pay $2 for shipping as well. I wanted to get out of the program fast but I didn’t want to waste my money on movies that I wouldn’t like. So I quickly purchase the good movies, at regular price and canceled my membership.

I was with Columbia House for two years before I had canceled it. In those two years, I had purchased ten movies from them. My movie collection was off to a good start. But it didn’t last long because people started borrowing my movies but they didn’t return. People borrow a lot of things from me but they don’t have the courtesy to bring them back.

In total, I had about twenty movies in my collection. I had a wide variety of movies that ranged from action movies to dramas to romantic comedies. What was once twenty movies and been knocked down to six. I have no idea where they all went. I lend them to people but it’s been so long that I forgot who I lent them out too. These people are not kind enough to return them either otherwise my collection would have been restored.

After my movie collection was ruined, I started getting into literature. Over the last two years or so, I have a collection of books. I have lent them out but this time I am more cautious when I lend it out. Depending on the book that I lend out, I give that person a time frame. If that book took me a month to read, I would assume it would take them a month as well. If they can’t finish it in that time frame, that’s too bad. They shouldn’t have borrowed the book if they don’t have time to read it.

The library gives its patron three weeks to finish the book that they borrow so I’m sure a month is plenty of time. If the book is thin and I can finish reading it in a couple of days then I give the borrower at least a week. Two weeks maximum but that’s pushing it. I’ve managed to read a 400 page book in about 6hrs so two weeks to read the same amount is plenty of time.

At the moment, two of my books have been lent out. One book, “God’s Debris” is accounted for. The other book, “Religion Wars” has gone absent without leave. I have no idea who has it and it’s been months since I lent it out. Whoever has that book probably isn’t reading it because it’s been so long. It’s a thin book that contains around 200 pages which could easily be read in less than a day.

Right now, I have no choice but to replace that book. But the thing is, the book is no longer in publication. Bookstores don’t carry it now more so I guess I’ll have to check with my friend eBay.

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  1. Maybe you should make a paper format “sign out” sheet. What they borrowed and then have them sign, print their name, write their address and phone number. If the borrower feels offended about doing so, then don’t let them borrow it. You’re nice to let them borrow something, so the least they can do is to let you protect yourself.

  2. oh, I’ve tried that. I get other information like their SIN, drivers’ license and their finger prints too. And if I feel like it, I’ll even ask for their sign. But there comes a time when I forget to write it down and the next thing I know, it’s missing.

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