Since June 2006 and up until now, I’ve averaged one post per day. That’s a lot of writing if you ask me. But there are bloggers out there that writes ten posts per day. Now, that’s a lot more writing than what I do. I don’t think I can post anywhere near ten posts per day. I’ve managed to write up three entries and posted it up in one day before but I think that’s my limit.

Darren Rowse runs ProBlogger which is a blog that helps bloggers with the blogs. Try saying that five times fast. He just doesn’t help bloggers with the blogs but he helps them make an income with their blogs. He is a professional full time blogger that is currently making it big with his blog. I think I recall seeing him in a picture where he held up a cheque from Google Adsense. That particular cheque had a six figure number on it. That’s a lot of money to be making just by sitting at a computer and writing articles. I do that too but I don’t make anything. I only lose money when I’m on the computer. Damn eBay!

Darren recently posted a set of articles with tips on how to generate content for your blog. There are a total of seven articles, each offering some advice on generating content. If he’s the professional at blogging and he’s giving those tips then I think I’m doing it all wrong. But then again, I haven’t blogged for as long as he has. One of the articles suggested that you set a goal for the number of posts you want to write and another suggests that you break them up. If you’ve been reading my blogs then you would know that I post about one per day and they can get quite lengthy.

When I first start out blogging, my goal was to get something posted. I didn’t set a goal of posting one blog per day. I was happy with posting one blog a month. If I managed to get more in during the month, that was even better. But back then, I wasn’t sure what blogging was. Now, I write because I have something to say. And if I have something to say everyday, then I post something everyday. It’s all the same to me.

Having more than one post per day is good if your blog is generating you income but my blog doesn’t do that. I’m not a big fan of advertising things so I don’t want my website to being doing that either. But when I heard that people are making a lot of extra money with Adsense, I applied. I got turned down by Google because my site didn’t meet their criteria. I guess, at the time, Google wasn’t impressed by my one post per month. But I think that being during down by them is a good thing. There are a lot of blogs out there already that has Google Adsense somewhere on the page. If one blog doesn’t have it, it’s not going to hurt Google’s income. I mean, it would be nice to be making some extra money on the side but right now, I think I’ll be okay for income.

Another thing that Darren suggests is to break up the post into smaller pieces. I can see how that is a good idea but I prefer to finish what I started. For instance, I don’t want to tell a story and make my listeners wait until later for the ending. I want to tell the story and finish it before they get bored of it. He does make a good point when he said that keeping the posts short will keep the readers interested because there isn’t a lot of information to take in but I’ve gotten use to writing a lot. I can’t seem to make my point in less than a thousand words.
The tips that Darren has provided are really good tips for bloggers. If only had I seen his posts before I started blogging then maybe the number of readers I have would be higher. Although, my target audience are mainly people I know. I have no idea how many readers I have at the moment. I can estimate that it’s somewhere between five and ten. There could be readers out there who read my posts and not leave comments. I don’t know if they exist because I can’t tell. Just because someone is viewing a post doesn’t mean they’re actually reading it. They could be just browsing around.
I might take Darren’s advice and space out my blogs. I don’t think I’ve seen another blog that writes as much as I have for each entry. The amount of traffic to this site gets is a lot compared to what it used to be. Breaking up the post into smaller piece would mean that everyone coming to the site would see something that the previous visitor didn’t see.

All of that depends on the amount of time I have to blog. I don’t spend too much of my time blog. If I need to write something up, I tried to get it all done within half and hour. After that, I take about five minutes to read over what I’ve just written and make sure it makes sense and things are spelt correctly. There has been time when I’ll read the blog and find no mistakes but when I read it after it’s been published I spot a few.
In the end, I could probably get more than one post published everyday if I wanted to. The amount of content that I have varies since I’m not focus on one main theme. I have a variety of topics to write about so that helps with getting content. A coworker couldn’t understand how I was able to get something up everyday. But if you think about it, it’s not that hard. There’s always something happening everyday. The newspaper reports a lot of things whether it’s news worthy or not. Something that might sound boring to you might be interesting to other people. You’ll never know until you try.