In general, most people are slow. I don’t mean they’re physically slow. I mean they’re mentally slow. The things that they do makes me wonder if common sense is actually that common. There are a few things that they are doing that is starting to annoying me. I think one day, I’m just going to pop and start letting out steam.

After working my night shifts, I get home and try and get as much sleep as I can. Usually around 5:00pm, my brother would wake me up because I have to drive him to work. If he takes the car, it would mean that I would have to go get it before leaving for work.

Around 5:15pm, someone would come into the room and ask if I’m giving him a ride. This first person acts as an alarm clock. For some reason, my brother’s shift starts at 5:32pm. There’s rush hour traffic at the time so there can be delays. If there’s someone driving slow, my brother will yell at the guy even though he’s not the one that’s driving. He’s really impatient when it comes to other drivers.

When we get to his work place, he would get out of the car and then open the back door to get his stuff. Meanwhile, he leaves the front passenger door wide open. It’s the fall season now and it’s starting to get a little chilly. I don’t understand why he can’t get out of the car and close the door open behind him before opened the rear passenger side door. Is it too much of a hassle to do that? Every time he’s in my room using the computer and I walk in and let in a cold draft, he always complains about it. I’d reach over and close the door myself but I’m too lazy to take off my seat belt only to have to put it back on.

When I open a door, I have a habit of closing it behind me. If I open a cabinet door, I close it before I open the next one. It’s common sense to close the things that you open. Evening when I’m coding, I’m open and closing things because if I don’t, the code won’t run.

Another thing that is starting to annoy me is when people park in front of my driveway. It’s always the same people too. They come to my house, they know that there are cars that will be going into the empty driveway yet they still park in front of it. I don’t understand why they can’t just pull into the driveway and leave the street parking for others that will come. Usually there’s band practice in my basement so the street is going to be packed. There’s room for four extra cars to park on the street. The other spots are taken by my neighbours. There are five band members that come and take up those spots meaning that one of the neighbours has to park down the street. I don’t think they should have to do that because my drive way has room for two. If the band member pulled into the drive way, my neighbour would not have to park down the street and there would be room for one more car.

My brother does the same thing too. After work, he’ll drive home and park behind my dad’s van. The van has a permit on it so he’s allowed to park on the street. My brother’s car doesn’t have a permit so he usually pulls into the drive way but most of the time he doesn’t because he’s leaving soon. Before he leaves the house, I arrive and I can’t get park in the driveway because he’s blocking it.

I know that Bylaw is around the corner somewhere, just waiting for me to park illegal somewhere so he can give me a ticket. I don’t to pay the government anymore money that I already have. It’s a good thing I’m a good driver and can maneuver the car between tight places. In order to get into the driveway, I would have to squeeze in between my dad’s van and my brother’s car. The distance between the two vehicles leaves me about an inch on each side. I can’t only see that as I’m backing up. I can’t see how much space I’m left with once the two vehicles are out of the view of my side mirrors. I have been successful at my last few attempts so there aren’t any scratches on any cars.

And last but not least, people who gamble when they’re broke. I know that some things are addictive and you can’t stop doing it. But if you have no money, shouldn’t something click in your head telling yourself that you have no money? I don’t understand addiction very well because the addictions that I have doesn’t cost me anything. But to sitting there at a table playing poker with money that you don’t have is just dumb. When I gamble, I spend maybe $100 at most. Once I run out, I don’t gamble any more. I could easily walk to the ATM and withdraw more but I know my limits. When you’re in a casino, your money is nothing. You can lose $100 in a matter of seconds. The last time I was at a casino, I lost $100 in 15 minutes. After losing that money I stopped going to the casino. If my friends go, I’ll go for the free drinks but I’m not spending any more money there.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there and most people are looking out for themselves. If I did something that annoyed another person, that person would probably let me have it. But when that person does the same thing to another person, they probably think it’s okay. I’ve noticed myself do something that I find annoying. For some reason, when I do it, it’s okay. But when someone else does the same thing, I get irritated about it. The only differences between the two events are the people performing them. After realizing that, I try and think before I act.