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I got home today and found an email from the folks over at CrazyEgg. They informed me that my account has been upgrade to allow the tracking of an additional 5,000 clicks per month bringing my total up to 10,000. And trust me, 10,000 clicks is more than enough. I don’t think I’ll be using all of that up within that time frame. And I can not track the clicks in real time rather than having to wait for it to refresh every hour or so. I can even keep track of more pages too. Although, at the moment, I am track the four main pages of my site. I could track my contact and profile pages but there’s not much clicking involved in those two pages. But then again, the email was sent using the contact page.


This is valuable information that I’m gaining just by viewing this visual representation of visitor clicks. What you are seeing is four days worth of data that has been collecting. I can see that the shoutbox is getting usage which is a good thing. The blog entries are being ready regularly as well. And although the photographs aren’t visible until you scroll down, that page is getting hits as well. The cool thing about the heat map is that you can see exactly where the visitors click on the picture. I’m sure that information will become useful once I find some practical use for it. But for the moment, I just find it cool that I can see where everyone is click.

The site news section doesn’t appear to be very popular but then again there aren’t any links for you to click on down there. I’m not expecting anyone to scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page to see what’s new on the site. There aren’t too many updates that need to be mentioned.


Once the visitors gets to the blog page, it’s rare that that each blog link will get a lot of hits. The reason behind that is because the readers are going directly to that post by clicking on the link from the front page. The screenshot you see above is what you would see if you click on the link to the blog page. The link on the index page are linked to each individual posts. This page acts as a secondary main page.

Although the blog posts aren’t getting a lot of attention, you can see that the blogs of others are getting a lot of hits. The colour ranges from blue to red. Those sites will be getting a lot of traffic from this page. You can see that some links are red hot while some of them are ice cold. There are a few that are both at the same time. That just means that they should be more redder because people are still clicking on them. They are just not clicking at the same spot all the time.

This tool is going to be very helpful once I start testing out the new design, which is still in the making by the way. I just have had time to make a final decision on which layout to go with. There are a few minor obstacles that I need to deal with first. Once I figure those out, I’ll have a new layout up and ready for testing with CrazyEgg.

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  1. wow… that thing’s pretty impressive… ;D

    and yea… at the moment… i would think its just fun and cool to test around and see how it works… and what portion of the site is gaining popularity… ;D

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