On short notice

Do people who give you short notice for something really expect you go make it on time? I honestly hope they don’t because it’s just not fair. If someone invited me to a party an hour before it started, I don’t think I’d be arriving early with a bottle of wine. And I don’t think I’ll be fashionably late either. I don’t think I’d even go at all.

When it comes to a work related issue, a couple of days notice should be ample time. A day notice is okay too but it’s cutting it close. Last week, I had to work overtime because we were short staffed. I was working almost every night of the week so I was looking forward to my days off. When you work the night shift, having two days off helps out a lot. I know that I don’t sleep till late in the night anyway but something about works just makes you tired.

During my second day off, I woke up early to get some errands done. The car needed the CV boot replaced so I had that done at my friend’s shop. Luckily, he had it done on time because I received a call from work asking me to come in for the afternoon shift. I could have been an ass and said no but I didn’t have much else planned that day other than relaxing. One of the Tech Support staff was transferred over to the customer service department and there was no one available to cover his shift. I guess I was the last resort because no one else was available.

If I didn’t like my job, I wouldn’t have covered that shift. But I didn’t mind it because the job is easy. My last job I didn’t like very much. Every opportunity that came up that gave me a chance to skip work, I took it. I am not one who likes to skip anything but if I dislike the work enough, I’m willing to make an exception. My flexible schedule allows me to take on any job. Usually my workplace calls me before they call other people because they already know my answer. So instead of being the last resort, I become first in line.

This has happened all too often for me. It’s a good thing that I’m the type that doesn’t schedule anything for my day until that day. I’ve learned that my plans never work out the way I planned them. There are things that are bound to go wrong which they often do. So to be on the safe side, I stop planning all together. If I feel like going rollerblading that day, I do it that day. I don’t think about it a week in advanced.

It’s only the important things that I schedule ahead of time. Something like a wedding. I have to make sure I prepare for that at least a month before the actual event. Something like a birthday, on the other day, I can prepare for within a week, maybe sooner. I’ve managed to run around and grab a birthday present within a couple of hours but that can be a headache in itself sometimes.

Most people like to be prepared for things ahead of time. The way I see it, you can’t be prepared for every little thing. There always seem to be that one little thing that you’ve managed to miss. And it’s usually the little things that messes it up a lot. That’s why people have a backup plan for their plans. Some will go as far as having a backup plan for their backup plan. As for me, I make plans for today because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.