There is a new site that recently launched, at least I think it recently launched because I haven’t heard of it before. It’s called CrazyEgg and basically it’s a site that that allows web designers to see visually how their visitors are moving around on the page. This helps them by letting them now how well their designs are working.


I signed up and started a few tests on four pages of my site. My index page, my blog, my photo blog and the general knowledge section because those are the four widely visited pages on this site. Since my account is only a free account, I am limited to the number of click that CrazyEgg will track for me. The limit that I’m set at is fine with me because I’m not expecting a lot of hits during the test dates. A limit of 5000 tracks per month is more than enough for me.


The index page appears to be fairly active. At the moment, the numbers aren’t that high but I’m hoping to see higher statistics for the page over the coming week. But from the preliminary readings I can see that the page is laid out so that the visitors can easily click on links to get to where they need to go. As you can see, the majority of the visitors are clicking on the title of the blog to continue reading it. Some of the visitors are click on the “Continue to read” link.

From time to time, there are messages left in the shoutbox. This web application will give me an idea of how often the visitors are leaving messages on the site. The good thing about having an AJAX enabled shoutbox is that, if MSN isn’t work, I can simply ask the other person to meet on my site.


The heat vision part of the application is very cool. I think it shows exactly where on the link the visitors are clicking. The more clicks there are on a certain spot, the closer to red the colour is.


This view basically shows a summary of the data. It lets me know which page is the most popular page on the site. Majority of the time, the current blog entry is the page that gets the most visits. But I won’t know that for sure until all the hits are in and accounted for.

I think this is a pretty useful tool for web designers. We design web pages and try to make it easy for the visitors to navigate around. Everything on the page should be easy to find and easy to use. All the necessary information that the visitors are looking for should be a click or two away.

Update: CrazyEgg: Upgrade

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  1. ok this is kinda freaky. you think you can get rid of electronic stuff off your computer? man… this just shows you.. they can even figure out where you CLICKED on a link! lol

  2. heheh… you better watch out what you do on my site…. Big Brother Don is watching you now… at least for a week anyway…

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