I believe

Everyone has a belief in something, no matter its size. It is a concept that most of us try to convey to others in hopes of convincing them of the same belief. If you believe in something then there is no knowing how far you are will to go in order to achieve it.

I came across a website that had a really fascinating concept. The site is called mondonation, a Vancouver based organization that helps bring aware to charity. The idea behind mondonation is the art of believe. mondonation believes that if we all share our beliefs, it will grow in strength. You share your beliefs by buying a shirt from them. On the front of the shirt it reads, “I believe” but on the back of the shirt is the idea that you believe in. On one sleeve you have the option of having the name of your charity printed on it. On the other sleeve you can have a name of a city.


Looking at the screenshot above, you’ll see a Korean girl. If you’re a sci-fi fan like myself, you would know that she is Grace Park from the TV show Battlestar Galactica. A fellow Canadian, if I may add. Anyway, I like the concept that they thought of so I bought into it. I purchased a large black long sleeve shirt and customized it to fit my belief. I wrote the sentence, “i believe that everyone has the potential to be great.” I really didn’t know what else to write at the time but I wanted to write something with meaning to it. And I believe that just about everyone can do something great if they are willing to work hard at it. I truly believe that one person has the ability to change the world.

On one of the sleeves I wrote “Hamilton” because that is the city that I grew up in while on the other I choose “Make Poverty History” as the charity that I am donating to. Poverty is a big thing in the world and we should put a stop to it. Even in a country like Canada there exists poverty when there shouldn’t be. If the government isn’t willing to help out when they can, it’s up to average people like us to make a difference.

I also believe that this concept of mondonation is going to go far. Just the idea of wearing your belief alone is big. It has the ability to make a impact on, not only yourself, but to those who read it. It’s something that makes you think. People will see you wearing the shirt will be probably want to come up to you and read what you have to say. I went to the list of beliefs that other people had written and there were a lot that I agreed with as well.

I believe that having the belief in something is the first step towards achieving it. People who believe are capable of doing anything no matter how hard the task is. This reminded me of the story of the Little Engine that could. The thing with him though is that he thought he could and he did. If just by thinking you can do it is enough for you to actually do then believing you can, will have an even stronger impact. If you believe something, that something becomes your motivation. This world could use a little motivation every now and then.

I received an email from the site after making my purchase. I assume it was something that the site sends out to confirm my order. But it turns out, Ward Bingham, the founder of mondonation wrote the email to confirm the order personally. At first, I thought it was one of those template emails so I replied with a response. Minutes later, I received another one which responded to my response. I don’t think it’ one of those template emails any more. Ward is actually taking the time to respond to each order personally which I think is really great. These days, big companies have other people responding to emails rather than the owner. If the owner is willing to be in touch with the customers, I believe that makes his company a good company.


Update: Think. Change.

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  1. i’m totally agree.. “i believe that everyone has the potential to be great.” and “I believe that just about everyone can do something great if they are willing to work hard at it. I truly believe that one person has the ability to change the world.”

  2. here are my top tips to help you success.. i learned this from my current jobs (smilling).. 1. “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” Anything worth having is worth worth fighting for, so, “Fight for it!. 2.”work your plan and plan your work” 3.”Action make you positive, inaction makes you negative.” 4. “Practice, Practice, practice!” 5. “Momentum is Everything!” 6. Set your goal, write it down, and repeat it more the better like 100 times.” TOO BE CONTINUES more to come stay tone

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