What’s your hurry?

It has been raining for the past couple of days. I don’t mind driving in the rain but I do hate driving in the rain at night. To make things worse, I can’t seem to find my eyeglasses anywhere so I have trouble seeing. The lamp post doesn’t help the situation either. All that incandescent light shining off the road makes it so I can’t see the line.

During the day, it was nice and cool but as soon as I got off work, it was already starting to pour. My headlights aren’t that greatest in the world because it’s very dim so I have a very hard time seeing what’s in front of me. If the object is within ten meters then it’s not a problem. But if it’s more than that, it will take my eyes a bit of time before the object comes into focus.

To be on the safe side, I drove slowly. The speed limit on the highway is 100km/h. I think I was going around 50km/h. I could hardly see the lines that divide the lanes so I wasn’t sure if I’m merging into the next lane or not. Sometimes, if the light hits the road just right, I can see the tire tracks of the car in front of me. I would follow that for a while until some truck drives alongside of me and starts spray water onto my windshield.

My windshield wipers suck because they don’t do their job. It only wipes away part of the windshield and leaves a smudge on the other part. I would have to try and peek through the part that it did wipe in order to see where I’m going. It’s bad enough that the lamp posts are shining on the road, making it appear as if it glass.

I don’t know why but for some reason drivers like to drive fast during the rain. I don’t know if they realize that the road is slippery when it’s wet. The last time I was speeding a little when it rained, I almost drove into a traffic pole. Luckily I managed to step on the brakes in time to slow myself down.

Drivers are always in a rush to go somewhere. Some of them don’t have any courtesy for other drivers. If you’re driving in the fast lane, they will tailgate your ass until you switch lanes. They’re not going to do it themselves. Everyone thinks that the fast lanes are for fast cars but you have to realize that the speed limit is 100km/h no matter what lane you’re in. Most drivers will have the decency to switch lane and let the fast driver pass but they shouldn’t be tailgating.

When I’m driving and the person in front of me in the fast lane is driving too slowly, I take the initiative to switch lanes myself. Traffic jams starts because there are too many people in the same lane. Drivers who are in the slow lane should switch over to the left when they can to allow other cars to merge onto the highway. If they do, the merging car will either have to speed up or slow down. Slowing down on the highway will only add to the jam.

By switching over to the left, the car can easily merge onto the highway. Once you’ve passed the merging car, you can easily merge back to that lane. It’s not a lot of work and it’s not like you’re actually do the work. The highway would be a smoother if everyone was considerate of their fellow drivers.

And they need to get rid of the misconception of the slow and fast lanes. There are no slow and fast lanes. I have driving in the slow lane and have gone faster than the cars in the fast lane. During a traffic jam, the lane between the slow and the fast lane is the fastest lane. There’s the right, the center and the left lane. The right lane is for cars merging on to the highway. The center lane is where you should be driving after you’ve merged onto the highway. The left lane is for passing. It might not say that in the drivers’ handbook but it should.

During the drive home, I am rarely in the fast lane because it’s usually one of the slowest lanes. All the other drivers think that it’s the fast lane so they all go there. When they all switch to that lane, it frees up the other lanes. Now the fast lane is the slow lane while the slow lanes are the fast lanes.

And I found that no matter how faster you go, you’re not cutting your driving time by that much. One morning, I left work at 7:00am and drove home as fast as I could. I think I was clocking an average speed of 120km/h. I managed to drive 50km from Mississauga to Hamilton in about 27 minutes. But if I maintain an average speed of 100km/h, I would reach Hamilton in 30 minutes. I am going 20km/h slower and I am reaching my destination 3 minutes later.

After doing the math, I would rather drive at 100km/h and arrive home 3 minutes later because for most cars, once you hit the 120km/h mark, you’ll be consuming a lot more gas. Plus there’s a whole other factor that adds to the equation like aerodynamics, friction and other stuff. I don’t know exactly how much gas I’ll be saving by stay close to 100km/h but over time, it’ll add up.