Brand spanking new LCD

Guess who’s the new owner of a brand spanking new Dell 19″ flat panel monitor? Yours truly! I’ve waited so long for the day that this monitor be delivered, two and a half weeks to be exact or for the business world, thirteen business days. And let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

About three weeks ago, I blogged about getting a free monitor. I don’t know if anyone else decided to accept the same offer but it’s a good one. My friend tried to do the same thing but for some reason they Customer Service Rep said that he would have to go on a three year contract. The contract that they made me sign up for was a two year contract so I don’t know if the CSR knew what he was talking about. The three year contract made my friend turn away from the offer. Maybe the person that I spoke with was a new representative.

For the last week or so, I’ve been without a monitor for my computer. I’ve been using my laptop this whole time. All I can do it on it type. I couldn’t design anything because it’s hard to move around with the little touch pad. My monitor is upstairs in my brother’s room because he didn’t have a monitor. I stole that monitor to give to my cousin because she didn’t have a monitor. She bought an LCD monitor of her own now but it doesn’t compare to my free monitor. I’ll have to go get that loaner monitor back one day but I don’t have any place to store it at the moment.


The monitor that my brother has is my 21″ CRT which is an upgrade compared to his old 17″ one. But now that I have a 19″ LCD, I don’t have any use for the CRT monitor. The one that I’ll be getting back from my cousin is just going to sit in some corner of my room until I find some use for it. I would change my configuration and use dual monitor but I don’t really need that at the moment. One monitor is fine with me.

Dell 19

As you can see, the LCD is pretty wide, almost as wide as my keyboard. I have so much working space now than before. Now, I just have to get the computer up and running because right now, it’s starting to act up. I am planning on upgrade the computer soon but I’m missing a few crucial parts.

Basically, I’m upgrading the CPU and video card and adding a second hard drive so that I’ll have a total of 200GB. I guess while I’m at it, I should just get a new case since the new motherboard support four addition SATA drives and I don’t have room for that in my current case. The remaining parts will be taken out of my current case and put into the new one. I am not sure but I think I currently have DDR RAM but the new motherboard requires DDR2 so I might have to put out some more money to get that. After the upgrade, I think my computer should be up to par for the next five years. The motherboard supports Intel Core Duo so I can upgrade to that when the time comes.

I am not a gamer so my video card isn’t the high end one. I have an ATI 9200 which come with 128MB RAM but I’m not sure if it has that much. It’s been a while since I first purchased it. My friend has another ATI card lying around that he said he would give me. I’d buy it off him but he doesn’t want to sell it and as always, I am not going to complain about free stuff. His card has 128MB RAM but also another 128MB shared memory making it a 256MB card. I am not sure if that is how it works about but it’s a PCI express card should it should be faster than the one I currently have installed. I just want something with a higher resolution. Something like 1600×1200 should be sufficient.

I am hoping that the new LCD and the upgrades will help me be more productive. I am a little behind on some work for some clients. I have a photo shoot to finish up, a client’s website to complete, a friend’s website to finish and my own site to update. This new monitor has made me so excited that I don’t feel tired after only slept for four hours after a night shift. But to be on the safe side, I am going to finish catching up on my sleep before starting work. It’s best to have your mind feeling fresh before I actually start something that I want to finish.