Even a little goes a long way

According the Global Rich List, I am the 638,582,008th richest person in the world. This means that I am richer than 89.36% of the world. I don’t make that much at my current job, let me tell you. But to know that I’m in the top 10% of the world’s richest people, it makes me feel better.

I was surprised that the amount of money that I make a year would put me in the top 10% range. I wasn’t expecting to be that high up. The amount of money that I make isn’t anything to brag about either. Right now, the money that I make is enough to help me finish paying off my tuition. I’ve finished paying off OSAP, now I just have to finish paying off the credit cards that I used to pay for tuition when OSAP wasn’t willing to help me out.

I think the money that I’m making now is enough for the average person. I can probably afford to live on my own in a nice cozy apartment. But then I started thinking. If I’m in the top 10% and I’m making this much, there much be a lot more people who are making a lot less. I remember reading something about the wages of other countries. I read somewhere that a police officer in Cambodia makes US$20 per month. Per month! I can’t even begin to understand how hard that is.

For someone to be making US$20 per month would mean that they are making $0.13 per hour. The officers are putting their lives on the line for 13 cents an hour. The police officers can’t even afford to buy a Timbit at Tim Horton’s. It makes you think about the amount of money that we’re blow just by getting coffee every morning. The amount of money we spend on coffee is probably enough to feed a family for a couple of days. Sometime like this opens up my eyes even more about this world.

One day, I withdraw some money from the bank to pay for car repairs. I got the car fixed at my friend’s shop so it wasn’t that expensive. Before the work was completed, he had to run to his other job while he dad finished up things. After his dad was done, I asked how much it would cost. He told me to ask my friend because my friend’s in charge of finances. So I drove to my friend’s workplace and ask him but he didn’t want to give me a price. So I had $200 in cash sitting in my wallet.

When I got home that night, I took out the money and just stared at it. Then I started wondering who these green pieces of paper were worth so much? I had a sudden urge to just throw it away but that would have been a waste because we are still living in a world controlled by money loving leaders.

If you want to know where you stand on the list, head on over and type in the amount of money that you make a year. You’ll be surprised with your ranking. Try entering the amount of money that you’d think you can survive on and see how it compares with the rest of the world.

Global Rich List