Hands free

A while ago, my friend came into work and showed me a hands free device that his brother bought. I didn’t like the hands free stuff at the time because I thought it was for lazy people. As I walk around Square One, I saw a lot of people wearing one around their ear. So the more I thought about it, the more that I realized that maybe it’s more convenient to have a hands free device. I thought it would be a cool new toy for me to play around with so I bought one off eBay.

eBay has everything. Well, not maybe everything but close to everything. I was surfing around a few websites when I saw an advertisement for a Motorola H700. It caught my attention because the ad displayed a picture of a girl and she happened to be wearing an H700 around her ear.

With that, I went on eBay and search for a Motorola H700. I didn’t want to spend too much since I didn’t know how much use it would get. Luckily, after a few minutes of searching, I found a seller in China who was selling an H700 USD$18.99 (CDN$21.38) and shipping cost USD$10.98 (CDN$12.36). I placed a bid for $18.99 and fifteen minutes later, I won.

I paid for the auction as soon as I get the email notification. I don’t want to put it aside until later because there’s no point. I wanted to get the item as soon as possible. It was coming all the way from China so it might take a while. But I didn’t have to wait too long. The auction ended September 29 and I received a package October 10 which meant it took about six business days to arrive. That’s pretty fast for a package from China. I’ve mailed out a package to Cambodia and I don’t think it has arrived at its destination yet.

v3 Razr + H700

I purchased a black Motorola H700 so it would match my phone. There weren’t a lot of colours to pick from anyway. I think the other colours that were available were silver and pink. Silver didn’t look too bad and as for pink, I don’t want to be walking around town with something pink around my ear.

Motorola H700: Syncing

It wasn’t that hard to get the hands free device to connect to my cell phone. The device starts to flash a shade of magenta when it’s in synchronizing mode. At first, I thought that my cell phone would detect it as long as I had the microphone extend but it didn’t work that way. I had to press and hold the button first and then extend the microphone. Extending the microphone would just turn it on.

I’ve managed to connect this device to my laptop and my PDA but they are of new use. There appears to be some sort of audio conflict when it’s connected to my PDA because it just keeps being. The manual says that when I get a dual tone beep, it means that it can’t recognize the voice tag, whatever that means. As for my laptop, I managed to configure it correctly so I can use it as wireless earphones. The volume isn’t that loud but it’s loud enough. And it also works as a microphone so now I can start recording my debut album.

Motorola H700: Connected

Once it has been connected, it starts to flash blue. The blue light stays flashing as long as the two devices are connected. I’m not sure what would happened if I tried t connect all four devices simultaneously. There might be a little conflict between the devices but I don’t want to bother doing that.

What I will be doing is using this while I’m driving. For some reason, people like to call me while I’m on the road. If I’m at home doing nothing, nobody calls. But as soon as I hit the road, my phone will start ringing. I don’t like to talk on the phone while driving because then it’s too much for me to hold the phone and concentrate on driving.

All in all, this little device might be handier than I initially thought it would be. Not only I am using it as a hands free head set but I can use it as wireless earphones with my laptop. Nowadays, there are a lot of electronics devices that come equipped with Bluetooth so I may have more uses for this ear piece after all.