Look who’s talking

My brother, as lazy as he is, can be a hard worker if he needs to be. He is currently juggling fulltime school and fulltime work, both of which take up a considerably large amount of his day. I’ve been through all of this before so I know how hard it is to find the time to do anything else. If he managed to find the time to go out on a Friday night, I say, good for him. But to be called inconsiderate for making time for himself, I would have to disagree with that.

My brother is currently enrolled in an advertising program at Mohawk. I think that it’s the last year of the program so he’ll be graduating soon. On top of that, he is also working with the college in their advertising department. He is in charge of coming up with advertising ideas that will help local businesses in the community who can’t afford the top advertising firm. This program helps the students get the experience they need and prepare them for the work force.

Along with school, he’s also work at a couple of part time jobs. The two jobs together is equivalent to working one full time job so he does have his hands full at times. Like most of us, he has bills that needs to be paid so he takes all the shifts he can get. I’ll help out sometimes with paying insurances for the car and filling it up with gas.

I was talking with him the other day and he told me that a couple of our friends said that he was inconsiderate. The friends are working on putting together a sport committee and my brother was asked to do some of the media related thing. He took on this task knowing that his schedule is already full. The reason why they said he was inconsiderate was because he couldn’t find the time to help them with the committee. I don’t think they quite understand the meaning of the word. According to my understanding, being inconsiderate is when you do something that neglects the feelings of others. I think the blame is being placed on the wrong person.

In a situation like this, I don’t think my brother is in the wrong. He was considerate enough to help in the first place. He has his priorities and he’s following them. If he’s busy with school and work then he doesn’t have time to volunteer his help for other things. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

A few days ago, my brother’s coworker asked if he could cover a shift for him. My brother was busy because he had to help with the committee so he declined the shift. He waited for my friends to come by my house to pick him up but he took a while. He had to stop by the mall for a bit for some things so my brother had to wait. The whole day was a waiting game for him and you know my stand on waiting for things.

By the time they finally came and picked it up, hours had already passed. He helped out for a short period of time and then decided to leave because he had other things he wanted to do. It was Friday night so he wanted to party with some friends. They got a little mad because he wanted to party rather than help them. In this situation, I still agree with my brother. They made him wait all day while they went shopping at the mall. It is not his fault if he decides to do something with his time. If they wanted something done, they shouldn’t have made him wait in the first place. They are the ones that are being inconsiderate.

My brother has to manage his time with school and work while they all do is spend time on the committee. They have the whole day to do what needed to be done because they don’t work or have to worry about school. But to call my brother inconsiderate because he couldn’t help them out isn’t right. I don’t even need to hear their side of the story to see who’s right or who’s wrong. You can’t say that someone is inconsiderate when they were willing to help you out in the first place. If they did something wrong to cause him to not help them then it is their own fault. They should take the blame for the things that they’ve done and not point fingers at someone else.