Another one

I was messing around with Google’s blog search engine when I came across a blog. Most blog catches your attention after you’ve read a few posts and you start to get the feel for what the author likes to write about. But there are the few that catches your eye before even reading it. A blog with an interesting title is what caught my eye during the search.

There was news that Google had recently launched a blog search engine so I tried it out and searched for my own blog. The first few entries didn’t look strange or nothing because they were links to my blog. But after taking a closer look, I found that one of them didn’t belong to me. The Chronicles Of Don & Poh In Savannah is the blog that caught my eye.

First, I thought someone combined my blog with another blog titled, “Poh In Savannah.” But after I clicked on the link, it took me to the actual blog. It’s a blog that follows a Savannah, Georgia couple as work to achieve a better life. It’s a great little story and you should read it if you have the chance.

After seeing that there’s another blog that has a similar title as mine, I started thinking that maybe I should change my title. Maybe change it to something more unique. I think that having the right title could make a big difference. But since I’ve had “Chronicles of Don” as my title for over a year, I don’t know if changing it would be a good idea.

From the beginning, I wasn’t sure what to call my blog. At first, it was just “Don’s blog” but that sounded boring. I think I decided on “Chronicles of Don” because I was watching “Chronicles of Riddick” at the time. So I went with that as the title. Then later on, “Chronicles of Narnia” came out and already I’m seeing a lot of use for the word “Chronicles” in titles.

A friend of mine suggested a title for me a while ago. He was thinking about something like “Daily Don” since I’ve got a post up almost everyday. It was a little catchy but I’m not a big fan of alliterations. I was looking for something unique but something that would say it’s me. As soon as you hear the title, you would know that it was the title of my blog and no one else’s. But coming up with something that unique can take a long time. There’s no rush to change the title of my blog so I’ll stuck to it for the time being.