Speak of the devil

Our brains are pretty good at picking up patterns. It’s one of the best ways we learn new things. But it has come to my attention that there is a name for this pattern recognition process. Must like the feeling that something has occurred before is known has deja vu. I’ve blog about these strange coincidens a while ago too.
Have you ever gone through a day where something will happen at the beginning and somewhere towards the middle it happens again? When it happens the second time something triggers your brain to recall the same event that happened in the morning.

What about when you’re driving down the street and see the same car that you’re driving? As you continue driving, you seem to notice a lot of cars that are the same model as the one you’re driving?

Or what about when you’re with a group of friends and you’re talking about someone? Minutes later, the person that you were talking about to show up. Things like this happen a little too often to be considered coincidences. This is known has the “Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon.”

This phenomenon is when you come across a piece of information and later on that piece of information shows up again. For instance, let’s say you were reading of my blog entries about stupid drivers cutting me off. While you’re reading the entries something clicks in your brain and you say, “Hey! That happened to be just the other day.”

And it’s not restricted to information events occurring either. You can start with anything ordinary and out of the blue it could happen. But you can’t test it out to see if it’s really accurate. If you want a test, I will give you one. The topic of the day is “World of Warcraft” or “WoW.” If you’re a computer geek, you will know what this is. If not, there may be a chance that you will come across this some time today or tomorrow. The clock starts ticking now. See how often you come across “World of Warcraft.” That last sentence doesn’t count though.

The best example of this happening to me was when I was watching “The Matrix.” Before the movie came out, I had this theory that we were all part of some virtual network that wasn’t real. I started thinking like this because I was seeing the world through my eyes but all I could see was what my eyes saw. It’s a little complicated to explain. But when “The Matrix” came out, the movie’s plot was about the same theory that I thought about.

I loved the movie so much that I bought the trilogy on DVD. One day, I decided to watch the first movie again. While watching the opening where the computer tried to trace a phone call where it slowly zooms into some numbers. I realized that those numbers were the last four digits of my phone number.


Then as it zooms in, the zero disappears and the nine shows up.


How strange is that? Although the final four digits turn out to be “0690” I thought it was cool that for a brief moment my number was up there.

Everything in life seems to connect in some strange way and it is not as random as most people may think. You may not believe it but somehow our daily lives intertwine with each other. I’ve come an occasions where two people would be sitting right next to each other and not know that they are related somehow. So keep an eye out for these things. You might not even need to keep an eye out for it because it will come to you and you will know when it hits.